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Minor Visual Glitch after upgrading facilities

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Summary: Upon appeal of upgrading training and youth facilities, the summary's start date of the work is in 2029 and the completion date is in 2028.

Description of Issue: In my Paris FC save, I was just taken over. Now that the transfer and financial embargo is lifted, I requested to upgrade training and youth facilities. They initially reject and hence I appeal, which I can do successfully. On the summary screen, it states that the start date is 21/5/2029 whereas the completion date is 9/12/2028 and 19/12/2028 for training and youth facilities, respectively.

Steps to Reproduce: Request to upgrade Training and Youth Facilities. After it gets rejected, appeal. The Start Date happens after the Completion Date.

Files Uploaded to the OwnCloudparis_facilities_start_date.fm



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