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  1. Hey @Kyle Brown, I just finished the 2022/23 season. This time I am pretty reliably reproducing the same issue, where I get seven days to evaluate any promises I make. Given that I can just restart, I won't make any promises but wanted to provide a scenario where I can more easily reliably reproduce this issue. I uploaded a save under "pars_end_of_season_2022_2023.fm" if you want another save file to work with. This time it is right after the last game of the 2022/2023 season. Hopefully this save helps. Alexander
  2. I put the save up this morning. Based on what you're saying, even if it seems harsh, there shouldn't be a bug if this is the case, so technically what I probably should have done, as I said, was delayed the signing of Sambia by a week, which probably would have then meant that he comes in after Saul did, but que sera sera.
  3. This is not necessarily a bug report but I do have questions that ideally would be answered. I am currently playing as Paris FC in the 2022-2023 season. I am currently dealing with significant internet issues so I will not be able to upload a save file until tomorrow morning, EST (5 hours behind GMT/WET). During the save, I signed three players with various promises to strength the first-team squad in certain positions. First was a D(R) named Hereda from Nautico in Brazil. Then there was a DM named Uche Agbo from Deportivo La Coruna. Lastly, there was a D(L) named Saul from Alaves.
  4. No worries Kyle. The save was uploaded as "paris_diarrassabara_4_5_mc.fm". You should be at a step where you survive relegation from Ligue 1 regardless. It isn't really the end of the world other than Prior wanting to leave. I don't exactly have the most amount of money anyways so I would have accepted Prior's transfer anyways and I already transfer-listed Martin.
  5. Noting as well down the line that my starting GK will officially hand in a transfer request as well in the save due to the failed promise.
  6. Summary: At the end of the 2021-2022 season as Paris FC in Ligue 1, during the end of season meeting, I made promises that were evaluated immediately rather than during the 2022-2023 season. Description of Issue: During the end-of-season meeting, I made a mention that I would likely have to sell some players for financial reasons. I then made promises to "Play Youth Players" and "Will not stand in the way of a big transfer" were made, but within a few days, those promises were immediately evaluated - "Will not stand in the way of a big transfer" is considered dropped but "Play Youth Playe
  7. FWIW, this is failed takeover #7. I'm now in 2036 and still with the original owners.
  8. Yeah that's tough but the failures on your team are pretty similar to mine. From my experience, with any small club you have to basically make your own budget. I didn't get any money to build until maybe when I qualified for Europa League II, and a few upset rounds and eventually winning it stabilized my bank balance, but I only then would have maybe £3M to spend. When I got to the CL I had maybe £10M to spend but I only got the £100M budgets by selling players at massive profits. In my case, if a hypothetical takeover gets rid of the "Sign Russian Players" philosophy, that would help.
  9. It should be mandatory if you make it into the Prem. That's what happened to me when I played as Hereford in FM19 and didn't have a U23 side for goodness how long.
  10. Right now he's "Loves the Club" if you're thinking of Owner Status. Moreover, if you're thinking of Investment-Oriented, consider that this was José Mourinho's club in between his stints at Benfica and Porto, and not just that, in the early 2010s, they went through a huge financial slump, so the current owner in Tolstikov saved them from stuff, and I will also admit that I was financially secure because he is an Underwriter (although he has not injected any money to the club now that I'm able to generate healthy profits from player sales).
  11. Have I ever shown a Man United academy product, Michael Jackson?
  12. So I don't necessarily think I have proof for a "bug", per se, but I would be curious to see if this is considered an unusual situation. I am managing União de Leiria in Portugal. I've had it explained to me that the odds that the chairman will wish to sell the club will be more likely as time goes on. In these saves thus far, I have had five failed takeover attempts at this point in the fifteen years, and the original owner of the club is still here, even after I have taken them from the Portuguese Championship to the Primeira Liga and successfully up Europe once, I would think that my o
  13. I've often paid £20-30M for some of the top regens from Brazil, I get some Argentine regens for a bit cheaper. I think you definitely need to have a big focus and have some scouts in Brazil or Argentina. I also personally have success in Colombia as well - some good, cheap young players who I have sold for profits. But I wouldn't necessarily call it a "cheat" - an extensive scouting network will help you for sure though.
  14. I won the Champions League as Hearts in FM15, but it took me 12 seasons. Mentally you have to think to yourself to "make yourself the money you need to win the Champions League", so you have to think shrewd. If you can make the group stages of the CL, then you're already on the right track. Increasing your country's coefficient is largely dependent on teams from your country winning CL/EL/EL2 games. If you make top 10, then if you become champions, you make it in automatically. It also means that selling people at a cut-rate to your domestic rivals if you walk all over them is a thing to
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