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Learning how to play FM!


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If anyone has read any of my recent posts you’ll most definitely know by now I am absolutely awful at this game! 🤣

If I’m being honest I don’t think I’ve ever really been that great at this game and I’ve played it for years haha. Nowadays I’m playing FM Touch as I don’t have the time for the full game and the streamlined version of the game is perfect for me right now. I dread to think how bad I’d be on the full game these days as I can’t even master the touch version of the game haha. 🤦🏽‍♂️

I have embarked on a few challenges this year, the treble challenge, the Everton 6 year challenge, the Arsenal youth challenge (barely got going with that one haha) and the Create A Club Serie A challenge. I’ve failed fairly miserably on every single challenge this year with plenty of sackings haha. So this challenge will be my final challenge and one in which I will learn how to play this frustrating game and maybe win some proper silverware haha. 👀

FM22 isn’t far away and I have decided I will only allow myself to buy the new game once I have got enough money to do so whilst hopefully having a little bit of fun along the way. 🤣

So I am going to take over who I deem to be the worst team in the English football leagues, a perfect match, the worst English manager managing the worst English team haha. 🤦🏽‍♂️

The cost of FM20 Touch was £19.99 this year, so assuming it is around the same price I will put money into a pot for every time any of the below miraculously occur:

English Leagues/Cups and European Competitions Staggered Prize Money

European Champions Cup: £8

Euro Cup: £7

Euro Cup II: £6

FA Cup: £5

League Cup: £4

EFL Trophy: £3

FA Trophy: £2

FA Vase: £1

Premier League Win: £6

Premier League Relegation: -£5

Championship Win: £5

Chanmpionship Promotion: £4.50

Championship Relegation: -£4

League One Win: £4

League One Promotion: £3.50

League One Promotion: -£3

League Two Win: £3

League Two Promotion: £2.50

League Two Relegation: -£2

Vanarama National League Win: £2

Vanarama National League Promotion: £1.50

Vanarama National League Relegation: -£1

Vanarama North/South Win: £1

Vanarama North/South Promotion: £0.50

So here we go, my final FM21 Challenge, a huge incentive to buy the 2022 version of the game despite this game constantly reminding me I have no clue about football. The plan is to keep going until I have £20 in the pot to buy FM22, hopefully this challenge will lead me up to or around the FM22 release anyway and I’ll learn how to play the game along the way haha. 🤣

Team news to come very soon!

This should be fun! 😬🤦🏽‍♂️

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We’re off to Leamington. Come on you Brakes!

I narrowed it down to 4 teams from both the National League North/South and out of those 8 teams I decided that Leamington were the worst of the bunch and the perfect fit for the worst manager out there. 🤣

Leamington are predicted to finish 21st with odds of 150-1 to win the league in the first season. All of their facilities are rated as poor and they have one of the smallest grounds in the lower leagues.

So here we go, let’s see how this goes.

Season one plans are to stay in the league and we’ll look to build from there. Nothing too fancy at the moment, I’ll also look to build some finances too to help with squad building in these early days.


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SACKED AGAIN haha! I can barely play FM so writing about playing FM is definitely a big NO haha.

First season documenting FM saves and it’s been a disaster. FM22 hopefully will be an improvement, may try one last save on FM21 without writing about it haha.

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