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  1. Thanks for your reply, yeah good point, I haven’t bothered with player development too much as I’ve been moving clubs quite a lot so player development hasn’t been my focus haha, apart from at Dorking I guess. But I can definitely start posting about players a little more from now for sure.
  2. Season Nine So season nine was an interesting one, after my time at Zamora I’ve now settled on playing 4231 which I continued at Huddersfield. My initial board objective was to avoid relegation, but with a good start to life in Huddersfield the board asked me if I’d like to change this in January. So with the pull of more money for wages I decided to opt for top half finish. Considering we’re Huddersfield and I’m still a bit of a nobody in the management world I found it hard to bring anyone worthwhile in. In hindsight I shouldn’t haven’t changed the board objective as I never even spent
  3. Thanks for reading man. Sorry to disappoint you haha. Hopefully I can bring you some good news from Huddersfield.
  4. Season Eight So season eight was a good year with plenty of loans again with no limits for loan players in match day squad. Was sitting top 3 for most of the season and unfortunately fell off at the back end and ended up finishing 7th. Not the end of the world as the board wanted top half so can’t complain too much. Had a lot of interest from English Football League clubs jobs during the season. Made the decision to leave at the end of the year to try and get a more high profile job as my manager rep improved after a good couple of years in Spain. Got offered the Ipswich (Championship) an
  5. Season Seven So this year was better albeit in a squad full of loan players. Managed a 6th placed finish when we were expected to be in a relegation battle so pretty happy with that. Have managed to rebuild my manager reputation a little, so hopefully we’re back on track on the journey to the top. Going to stay at Zamora for another year and push for promotion next season.
  6. Season Six A season to forget, back to back relegations from the Vanarama National League. Felt we were a bit unlucky unlike last season, but the table doesn’t lie. Manager reputation has dropped after getting the sack so need to do so some serious work to get to the top now. I’ve now found myself out in Spain with a club called Zamora (if only I could still sign Bobby haha). Squad is bare with a decent wage so good opportunity to build something (he says).
  7. Season Five What a nightmare, after the excitement of moving into the new amazingly named Dorking Stadium. Wage budget was cut dramatically to cover these costs meaning the squad had to be cut drastically and we struggled all season, don’t think we even moved from 24th all year. Went with a 532/352 thinking we could be a little more defensive and finish just above the relegation zone but it wasn’t to be. So relegation it was, I resigned in the summer and after being offered various jobs in the Spanish lower leagues I decided to hold out for a fairly decent gig with Dagenham and Redbridge
  8. Season Four Bit of a rollercoaster of a season this one, came out the blocks flying and was occupying a playoff spot for the early goings. A massive dip in form led to losing a lot of games consecutively in the middle part of the season, a change of formation to 352 led to a pick up in form for the last 3rd of the season to secure Dorking’s highest finish in their history. Went out early in both cups this year, so nothing to talk about there, offered two jobs this year, Accrington in League One and Harrogate in Vanarama National League, not sure on either so think I’m going to stay and tr
  9. Season Three So season three was about damage limitation and to just try and stay afloat in the vanarama national league. I managed even better then with a 14th place finish (Dorking Wanderers record high), we were even pushing for the playoffs at times throughout the season but realistically never actually got that close. We were voted the biggest overachievers of the season which was good and I was shortlisted for manager of the year again, but didn’t win it this time round. Good runs in the FA Trophy and FA Cup which was good fun again. Got offered the York job midway through the seaso
  10. Season Two The plan in season two was to get Dorking up into the National League and that is exactly what I did, as champions as well. I released a lot of players after season one giving me a much larger wage budget to work with which allowed me to strengthen the squad massively. Started the season like a train using a combination of 433 and 4231, the customary slump inevitably came and the middle part of the season was a struggle. I struggled to settle for a formation searching for points in every game, even opting for 4141 at times to try and sneak a draw against the top sides. After a
  11. Season One Can’t complain with a 7th placed finish in the first season, however a bit of a disappointment losing in the semi final of the playoffs. Rollercoaster of a year, changed from a 4231 to a 433 mid season which helped massively with the playoff push after a slump in the first half of the year. Second round of the FA Cup was a huge achievement, third round is the aim next year to draw one of the big clubs. Struggled to compete with the big boys at the top of the league, but I got a new contract so will strengthen the squad over the summer before heading into season two. The ai
  12. Having played championship/football manager for years on desktop. Parenthood and life over the past few years have got in the way of having hours to pile into the highly addictive game like I used to. At the end of 2019 I took the plunge into FM Touch just for something to do occasionally on the IPad, I’d also been a bit of an FM snob, only the real game was good enough, FM Mobile/Touch was for kids or beginners haha. However having played FM20 Touch for plenty of hours during the national lockdown I’ve now found my love for FM again. The streamlined FM Touch is perfect for what I need at
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