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  1. Football Italia - Season two review Transfers/Loans Ins: Eduardo Camavinga Brahim Diaz (loan with permanent fee agreed at the end of the loan) Patrik Schick Matteo Darmian Nikola Milenkovic Gabriel Menino Mahmoud Dahoud Karamoko Dembele Outs: Ali Mohamed Diego Cavaliere 12 players out on loan Transfer Comments Not too much to shout about here, every signing was a squad depth addition and they all ended up being exactly that. Camavinga and Milenkovic went out on loan,
  2. Football Italia - Season one review Transfers/Loans Sent a few players from my reserves out on loans and brought Eric Garcia in on loan as centre back cover. He played a handful of games and did okay, but didn’t play enough to show any real quality. League We were cruising the first half of the season, spent the majority of the 2020 half of the season at the top of Serie A. Once again the second half of the season was our undoing, a massive drop in form left us fighting for the top four. A change in shape from 4231 to 433 helped a little but not much. With just 4 wins in th
  3. The Clubs Club Name: Football Italia Club Nickname: Golaccio Stadium Name: Stadio Italia (75,923) City: Milan Home Kit: Green, White and Red Away Kit: Blue Third Kit: Black and Grey Rival Club: AC Milan Favourite People: Thierry Henry - Club Legend Disliked People: None, we’re a nice club. Key Affiliations: Arsenal Club Comments The Italian club with an English touch, Football Italia, named after the famous TV show on Channel 4 in England. The club nickname is reference to the term ‘Golaço used in the show itself, but the word wa
  4. I’ve finally made a start, I restarted the game because I hadn’t transfer listed the players I wanted to get rid of in the right way, well in my eyes anyway. Well that was a massive waste of time for two reasons: 1. I wanted to offer the players out for an unspecified amount to get the most money possible, however they’re all older players so nobody is going to offer above their value anyway. 2. I’ve now gone back to the original save which had auto saved just before I’d offered contracts to all my new staff and offered the unwanted players out. My football manager guilt got the bett
  5. Arsenal Rebuild (You Can’t Win Anything With Kids) Why do football clubs never just have a complete rebuild and go with young players to win in the future. Arsenal for example have been stuck in a rut for years and don’t seem to be going anywhere. I’m sure if you told most football fans they could have a handful of years of transition, for then continued success, years down the line I’m sure most fans would bite your hand off. I guess clubs and fans want instant success and there is so much money involved in football, so a few down years just isn’t an option. Anyway it’s something I’m ver
  6. Season six review You guessed it, sacked again haha! Wow that has been quite possibly the worst football manager showing ever, not just by me but by anyone in the history of the game. Throughout the save/career I never really settled on a formation or style of play because I just could not get anything to work. However I did manage to find some success and we did string together some decent form at Sociedad, decided to go with what has worked best for me in real life. So went with a 4231, playing out from the back, dropping back behind the ball when out of possession. Seemed to work
  7. Season Five Review SACKED AGAIN! Whenever I feel like I’m making forward progress, it sends me right back where I started haha! Never recovered from the 5 straight losses at the start of the season to be honest. Changed shape several times during the season to try and get things going which always worked for the immediate game and then we’d go and lose to bottom of the league the following game. I genuinely used to be competent at playing this game and competent at managing in real life, now I’m not even competent. This has been a literal shambles. Dominho I can apologise f
  8. Season Four Review Very similar to season three, first half of the season was really good and then second half we just fell of a cliff. Stuck with the 433 and added in a 4231 from time to time, the only signings who made a real impact in the first team were Kieran Trippier who was a great addition and fitted perfectly into my system. My newgen striker was my top scorer, he’s rapid and he can finish so he’s a big hit haha, he was only one goal off Salah at the top of the scoring charts as well. Said Nasrollah came in in midfield and did okay, but an average rating of 6.63 isn’t incred
  9. Season Three Review So season three started off pretty well and we fell apart at the end of the season which was disappointing. So we brought in quite a few players, most notably the keeper Ugurcan, who was not my first choice but turned out to be a great signing. The only other signings to crack the starting 11 were Donyel Malen on loan who did okay and Josh Tymon at left back who also did alright. Other than that most signings were for squad depth including a couple of free transfers. Barcelona matched Declan Rice’s release clause of £88 million in January which was a killer,
  10. Ah I love this man. Love that we’ve inspired you and I’m super jealous you’re still actually in charge of Everton unlike some of us haha. Keep us updated, that’s a great effort finishing second as well by the way in the first season.
  11. I’ve made a start with Blackburn and it’s not going bad to be fair. However this challenge is harder than I anticipated and longer than I anticipated haha. So I’m taking a half time break, I’m doing another shorter challenge in between of course. But thought it would be good to have a breather from getting sacked left, right and centre and just go and do the same on another save haha. I will return soon to win some trebles! 😬🤣
  12. Season Two Review So as we know I was sacked once again, this time by Leicester. I tried playing the same 4231 I did at Everton with a few tweaks, we had some good results but every time we took a step forward we then took two back. I bought Moussa Dembele, Donyel Malen and Edson Alvarez but to be honest I never knew my best team and I think this played a part in the poor form and lack of consistency. So off I went and West Ham came calling, I have a soft spot for West Ham and love me some Declan Rice so didn’t hesitate in taking the job. I arrived with West Ham in 17th with the
  13. Haha nice to know someone else is feeling my pain too. I don’t feel so lonely now.
  14. Sacked again midway through season two, showed signs of life but it wasn’t enough. I’ve now got the West Ham job and I’ve set myself a four year plan which is as follows: Season 1: Europa League Qualification, Prioritise League/FA Cup Success. Season 2: Europa League Qualification, Prioritise League/FA Cup Success. Season 3: Champions League Qualification, Top 4. Season 4: Win the league (Got to dream big after the two sackings haha) Haven’t included this season as they only want me to stay so hopefully I can manage that and then the four year plan begins. I’ll do a f
  15. Season 1 Review Nothing to show for my season review after my poor showing with the Toffees. Held out for a premier league job offer which didn’t come until the summer, was offered a few jobs, Leeds and Palace wanted me as did Chelsea and their £140 million budget haha, however I asked for too much money for some reason (as if I was ever gonna see that money on a football simulation game haha). Anyway I found myself at the King Power Stadium one day before the start of the new season. We’re a handful of games in and it’s been an indifferent start, got three big name signings in, Mous
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