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Transfers: End of season transfers delayed/bug?

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During the second half of a season (outside the transfer window) I bought some players (with and without player swap) and I didn't select 'Next transfer window', but I selected 'End of season'. For whatever reason that I found somehow logical. (Screenshot)

So selecting 'End of season' in the first half of a season it's obvious why. But doing this in the second have of a season it should have the same result as selecting 'Next transfer window'. More or less depending on when seasons are ending en transfer windows are opening in the various regions. 

But what happens is that all these players remain at their clubs at the end of the season ánd during and after the next transfer period. They all are Waiting to be transferred (Screenshot)

I do not have the patient to wait when they wíll be coming to my club because my squad is ruined because of all my sold players.

Is my logic wrong or is it some kind of bug? Thank you



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No. But it's like the first screenshot with the players of the second screenshot.

It is supposed to be as it says right so don't you think it's bugging because the agreement takes place in the second season half after transfer period so 'end of season' and 'next transfer window' has the same result?



Update: the players were transferred at the end of néxt season. Maybe you can reproduce it. 

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