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Help with my Indian League Dataset


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This India league dataset is an accurate ish mix in a fantasy setup.

Currently in India there are two level one leagues at the top of the pyramid. The Indian Super League which is a closed league of 11 teams. The other is the I-League which is made up of 11 clubs and they have one relegation to the 2nd division.

Here is where it get interesting. All three leagues play from January to April/May. In the early part of the season, is where the state leagues play. The different leagues of Bangalore, Mumbai, Gujarat etc. These teams also play in the I-league and 2nd division.

So, teams play in their state leagues, and what happens is the state leagues can choose to send a respective into the 2nd division which is comprised of 16 teams (one league), unless they are in the I-League.

However, I have made some changes, from the severely lack of current information on some of the state leagues, I could only make 25 state leagues of the some what 32-34 states of India. Each league sends one (champions) into the 2nd division. So, from July to December, the state leagues play, with the champions play into the in a 4 group with a champions playoff of the group winners, with the champions getting promoted. Some state leagues have made up teams which they had been in the league in 2015 (latest data) while other leagues with no data have made up teams with real mostly real stadiums.

The other modifications that has been created is the Super League. It now encompass 20 teams, since India is a country with over a billion people it is a huge market to exploit. So, there are some new clubs, that are the affiliated clubs of the big European clubs and LA galaxy, as well as solo clubs and the Pune city coming back. These are Bayern Jaipur, Lucknow Hotspur, Real Delhi, Surat Barcelona, Patna Passion, Nagpur Oranges, Ahmedabad Galaxy, Pune City, and Indore Zebre. There B teams play in their location state leagues. B teams can not be promoted into the I-League.

The problem I have is all the leagues are verified by the 2nd division never get plays

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