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Assignment of scouts to individual players improved

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I want to use the scouting centre the way you want me to. I really do. I promise.

But when I see that my scout who is assigned to the UK gets sent to Chile to look at a player (screenshot 1, 2), while his respected and much appreciated colleagues are right there themselves (screenshot 3), it just doesn't feel right. Edit: Don't be fooled by the lack of reports, they are not new. They have been with me for at least 2 years.

I have had (and still seem to have) many issues with building up knowledge in the regions I have assigned my scouts to. And I am still not sure if sending them to the other side of the world is the cause of them being much less efficient on their regular job, but at the very least it just feels incredibly unrealistic. When I send someone to coast through the depths of Alloa, Aberystwyth, Dublin, Harrogate and Faringdon, it makes very little sense to suddenly send them to South America because my guys over there found a player who might be of interest. 

Not knowing if this actually has an effect on building up knowledge, I am starting to avoid the 'keep scouting' or 'scout player' option. Just in case one of my scouts is about to promote that 3% knowledge all the way up to 4%. And to be quite honest, I cannot be bothered going through 4 menus with some unnecessary clicks just to get my preferred scout to scout every player I want to scout. It is not how I want to spend my time. 

I feel that the algorithm could be improved. It seems like the players are just divided based on scout availability, although I start to have my doubts about that too. My scouts in South America are being sent to Bruges, Belgium, while my scout in Eastern Europe is being sent to somewhere in Argentina (screenshot 4, 5, 6). My South American scouts apparently had free slots for that player, yet Eastern Europe-guy got the honour of scouting him.

What would make more sense, if you really want to focus on every bit of realism possible within reason, is making it so that players who play in a certain region actually get scouted by scouts who are active in that region. Exemptions would be players who are scouted in games in that region, but do not play there by definition. In that case it would make sense of course, availability would be fair (proximity by regions could be to complex). This should very much be doable. But as it is right now; it seems like a mess. 

Another option could be the use of dedicated scouts. I have tried this by leaving a couple of scouts free of assignments, but as it is decided based on availability this only worked for the first couple of players. To get this to work it should be programmed as well. 

Right now it adds a lot of clicks and menus to get where I want to be. Even an extra button 'keep scouting by recommending scout' or whatever would do the trick and add to the QoL, so you could still go for the availability algorithm if you really want, by clicking just 'keep scouting'.

Again, I am not sure if this actually has an effect on performance, for this I would like to refer to my other posts about this. I would love to get a definitive answer to this if there is one. But aside from that, it is at the very least just incredibly unrealistic, especially when realism is so sought after in this release of FM. I just want my scout in South America to follow up on the players in South America. I am a simple man. 















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I have played even more without sending the scouts to follow up on specific players, and it seems there is finally some good activity with building knowledge. This really makes it seem like the regular assignments are hampered by the individual requests. The need for a logical distribution or dedicated group of scouts to follow up on requests surpasses the desire of realism alone. It is needed for effectivity and performance, as well as user-friendliness and quality of life. 

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