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  1. The progress is gone after starting a new season. Please refer to my latest post in my previous topic.
  2. This has got to be a joke. I checked all my scouts again after the pre-season began, and they lost all knowledge again. He was finally building up knowledge in Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador. And boom. Everything is gone. Same for him. Had some knowledge of Argentina and Paraguay and badabingbadaboom: nothing. This one came in with 100% for Mexico. Had built up the US to 12%. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it's gone. I'm going to need some answers here. Surely scouting 10 players individually should not lead to this. So what is it? I
  3. I have played even more without sending the scouts to follow up on specific players, and it seems there is finally some good activity with building knowledge. This really makes it seem like the regular assignments are hampered by the individual requests. The need for a logical distribution or dedicated group of scouts to follow up on requests surpasses the desire of realism alone. It is needed for effectivity and performance, as well as user-friendliness and quality of life.
  4. Hi, I want to use the scouting centre the way you want me to. I really do. I promise. But when I see that my scout who is assigned to the UK gets sent to Chile to look at a player (screenshot 1, 2), while his respected and much appreciated colleagues are right there themselves (screenshot 3), it just doesn't feel right. Edit: Don't be fooled by the lack of reports, they are not new. They have been with me for at least 2 years. I have had (and still seem to have) many issues with building up knowledge in the regions I have assigned my scouts to. And I am still not sure if sendin
  5. Still running into the same problem, even without individual players to be scouted. So I'm ruling that out as the cause. This example: going for two years, scouting Scandinavia. No knowledge whatsoever. He is not the only one, just one of the few where it's very clear based on the knowledge he already had. Most other scouts don't get any knowledge, and a handful only get 1% from some countries in the region and then lose that 1% again.
  6. That would mean that using get scout report/keep scouting actually affects efficiency on assignments. Which is fair of course, makes a lot of sense, but then there should be an easier way to make sure the desired scouts gets the assignment imo (by creating dedicated groups, less clicks to select the desired scout, or even on a programming level by dividing the individual assignments based on region rather than availability). I can't be bothered adding 3+ clicks (assuming I know where every one of my 16 scouts is working) for every single of of the players just to use the scouting centre the wa
  7. Hi, or rather, bonjour. Excuse me for intruding using this uncultured language I am unfortunately forced to use (because mon Francaise c'est ne pas bon, to put it lightly), but I feel like I am running into the same issue. Scouts barely coming back with reports. One question: are you scouts gaining knowledge while on their assignments? Mine aren't learning a single thing, or get 1% knowledge at most. I was wondering if that is the same for you.
  8. I have the same thing, I thought it was just the default when you don't select anything.
  9. Hi, I have posted about this earlier, in a different subforum. I have asked around a bit, and someone suggested the possibility that my game could be bugged, so I decided to post it in this subforum as well. Currently, the lack of players being found is not really a concern, although I do feel like it could be better. However, the root of this issue lies in the knowledge, I believe. My scouts aren't gaining any knowledge whatsoever of the regions they are scouting in, and I can count myself lucky if they come back with more than a handful of players, after being active for yea
  10. Dude actually lost his knowledge about the other countries now. The only thing I'm thinking right now is: this is either bugged, or it's because of my scouts going to scout players I request. Which is not good. If that is the case, the images above demonstrate a huge issue. Congerton is assigned to UK & Ireland, Broughton is assigned to Scandinavia. Because I clicked 'keep scouting' after my guys in Uruguay came up with these players, they are now ignoring their own assignment. Is there any way, without adding 30 clicks to get there (dear SI pls think of QOL), t
  11. I checked, and most teams have actual players. Didn't expect this to be the issue, as I have a large database with South American players added into it as well.
  12. Hi. I have this guy in my scouting team for nearly 2 years now. He has 20 adaptability, has been going at it since the start (you can see in the screens that this is his first and only assignment for the club, as 'known talent' is the one they all have once they come in for the first time). Signed in the summer of 2025, currently spring 2027. He is yet to find a single player OR learn more about the region he is in. I'd hate to think what would happen if he had 13 adaptability... What could be the issue here? Do individually scouted players (through reports -> get sc
  13. Hi all, I'm probably missing something completely obvious. I recently turned professional with Kings Lynn, and some of my players are now full time. There are a few part timers I want to get full time, but whenever I offer them a contract I cannot see what I'm actually offering. There's nothing on screen that specifies whether it's a part time or full time contract. Is there any way to check (and change) that?
  14. Clear, thanks. Interesting to see that the specs shouldn't really make much of a difference, yet people seem to report the update hasn't changed. I'm happy to see it is really being picked up, hopefully it'll be possible to fix it for everyone.
  15. Hi, thank you for the reply! You mentioned earlier that you tested it with the megapack from Timo, was that also used for your most recent test? And if so, how many files were used? Do you think the specs of the cpu (or other components) play a significant role, and could that be responsible for the difference experiences people have after the update (where it works fine for some, and not at all for others)?
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