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Speed up squad morale management with new squad view screen

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Recognising that managing the morale of any team is a fundamental part of achieving good performances, I actively manage this aspect within the game. However it is somewhat laborious to do this effectively requiring clicking through multiple screens for each player. As I am praising or criticising some aspect of training or match performance for numerous players on a weekly basis this is adding a lot of time to prep for upcoming matches. 

My suggestion is that you create a new screen within the squad view that enables us to praise or criticise across training, match performance, conduct etc by player by clicking on a praise/ criticise button and then applying to all players to enact the feedback. 
I appreciate this misses some of the nuance of the dialogue wording but I suspect if you analyse the data you will find that not that many people are using the discuss screen to manage morale. I do, but I have to admit that I 'cheat' sometimes due to the amount of time it takes to click through for every player and use the in game editor to change morale for all players to an average, which is not optimal I know. 
I will attempt to attach a spreadsheet screenshot to illustrate what I mean.

Morale screen.png

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