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  1. Hi Recognising that managing the morale of any team is a fundamental part of achieving good performances, I actively manage this aspect within the game. However it is somewhat laborious to do this effectively requiring clicking through multiple screens for each player. As I am praising or criticising some aspect of training or match performance for numerous players on a weekly basis this is adding a lot of time to prep for upcoming matches. My suggestion is that you create a new screen within the squad view that enables us to praise or criticise across training, match performa
  2. Excellent thank you. Unless I've missed it, shame this is not covered in the manual.
  3. Many thanks for the reply. Is it right to assume that this type of impact (i.e. the trait further increases the chances of an event) extends to other traits that are also player/team instructions e.g, gets further forward/gets forward whenever possible, crosses early/hit early crosses, tries long range passes/more direct passing. Thanks
  4. The DLP role is 'hard coded' to attempt more risky passes. Which I assume means there is a greater chance that this will happen. Lets assume that it increases the chances of risky pass by say 10%. If I then the train the player trait 'tries killer balls often' does that further increase the chances that a more risky pass will be attempted? So this player would then have say 20% increase in chances that a more risky pass will be attempted. In this illustration 10% for playing as DLP and 10% because they have the player trait 'tries killer balls often' Or put another way if I have player as DLP
  5. Say I have a player with PA of 150 and his ability is 130. If I start a training a suitable player trait e.g. runs down right for a winger does it use some of the available potential i.e. 20 points in this example. Put another way does training a player trait increase players current ability once complete.
  6. Thanks Rashidi good tip will do. Also thanks for all the tips on bust the net, big fan and loving Stalybridge diaries, helping make me a better player! And enjoy the game more.
  7. Thanks all for the replies, all good stuff. Understand the fair point around if striker is not getting decent service (ie some chances in the box) does not matter how good his finishing, composure etc. What I was trying to get at was assuming chances are being created does place shots enhance his ability to hit the net. Logically it should as hitting the corners of the goal is better if you have technique and composure to do it. Depends how it works under the hood though, anyone know?
  8. Hi all Have read the manual and played the game, understand ability to score goals depends on the attributes finishing, with composure and decisions also part of the calculation. My question is, if I train a striker to have the trait place shots does that increase the probability he will score?
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