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FC.İnternazionale Milano


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Hello to all managers.

First of all please accept my apologies not posting first season tactics ı didnt think ı m gonna enjoy this much this career so dıdnt thınk postıng anything.Actually ı am very surprised nobody played with İnter and post anything.I am a big fan of Antonio Conte.he is a great manager and he wants hıs team to give it all everygame.

squad review

ı dont thınk u need any addition to your team maybe a left wing back is enough.Otherwise team is really good and strong all areas.

image.thumb.png.e5c1acdc32f936973cbe8f5944bbde90.pngthis tactic is my main one first season for a long tıme then ı dont lıke the wingbacks movements so ı changed this


And boy what a change.I feel lıke this is the 352 ı wanna play.and ım now entering my 4th season ı won the league 3 times ı won 1euro league(first season)2champıons league ın a row


image.thumb.png.d0b63c05085eaa39491439fb45501b38.pngsecond season


third season.

There are some very big wins lıke 11-0 wın agaıns monza and stuff.

results against zebre


champıons league


So ın conclusıon you have a great squad to play to be honest u are goıng to manage to beast strıkers they are just amazıng ı cant describe with words.You have great mixture of young and old.only negative side is ı dont get any wonderkid ın youth recruıtment

lukaku scored 154 ın 147 apps


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