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Issues editing advanced continental rules


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I'm attempting to recreate the continental club system in Europe but coming up against a range of issues. I have recreated the Champions league and euro cups, partially by copying the rules into this 'Recreate from scratch' file, and then recreating the qualification system. The result of this can be found in the "RAW" files attached. However, it won't let me test these rules, the option is greyed out, and therefore I can't verify the file to play in game.


However, I could use the "test competitions" tab and came across a known error raised before, with the Bulgarian leagues (an error which occurs even when these aren't loaded).


To resolve this I created a new database with advanced nation rules for Bulgaria edited to fix the error messages that otherwise show. I then merged this database with the Europe one, a process that can be a little buggy but I've done successfully before. You end up with advanced nation and advanced continental rules in the same database. This can be tested and verified, and these "BULG ALT" files are attached below too. However, despite the continental system showing as planned in the editor, the game loads without any European club continental competitions loaded. 


I think a bug is causing this, the game seems reluctant to load any new European qualification system whichever method I try. It is possible to recreate the system in FM21, I've seen it done, but does this only work if the structure and rules of the competitions themselves are also recreated from scratch, or is there a way to copy the existing competition structures into a custom qualification system?

Europe RFS w Bulg alt.xml Europe RFS Raw.fmf Europe RFS Raw.xml Europe RFS w Bulg alt.fmf

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