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  1. Yes, the update will include four additional leagues in the Republic of Ireland and new cross-border competitions including an All-Ireland Super Cup (an extension of the current 'Unite the Union' one), All-ireland youth competitions, Celtic Challenge with other Celtic nations and an enlarged Ulster Cup which includes sides from Donegal. Countless other changes too. The database currently has around 12000 changes in it to players, clubs and stadiums. The final piece of the puzzle is an optional European file which will increase the number of European qualification spaces in England
  2. I've explained this elsewhere- 'Union' meaning Unity rather than the United Kingdom. The next edition will rename this the 'Unity Cup' to be clearer. People are also free to rename this competition as they choose. The 'Premier League' is still called just that in-game, and is still based in England, with additional sides from Scotland, Wales, NI and the Republic, each of which retain their own domestic leagues which have been developed and will be strengthened by their inclusion in the Union/Unity Cup.
  3. It will still work with the original database loaded, rather than the 21.4 update. Or try copying the save game file into your Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\games and just load that, youll be able to create your manager and then you can add any other leagues you might want. However, I'm looking to bring out an update to this in the next month or so which will update quite a few elements. Stay tuned.
  4. See the PDF included in the file. The 12 team club world cup is biennial (Played every two years) and includes the present and previous Champions league winner from the main five confederations, plus the existing OFC champion and the previous CWC winner. Runners-up are invited where there is overlap. Ie. You must win the Champions League to qualify.
  5. Just to follow up on this. The issue remains with the default, in-game Club World Cup, but there does seem to be one way around it: By setting stadium requirements under stadiums pool, several stadiums are selected and the stadiums are played across the stadiums as they should be. My final point on this is the way the stadiums are chosen is pretty crazy- you'll get new stadiums built with the 'community stadium' or 'international arena' suffix despite there being plenty of other decent stadiums that could be picked, but it is what it is. Would still be great if the in-
  6. I've been working with the CWC extensively and have attached a version which retains the 7 team format. Alternative formats are being tested at the moment and I'll release a pack in a week or two. The hosts in the file below continue to alternate randomly, but I've found it impossible to exclude certain countries from hosting. I believe the CWC host selection mechanism is hard coded into the game, so manually setting hosts does not work. As you say, this sometimes means nations like Spain, Italy or England will host and completely change the nature of the tournament. I'm afraid this is una
  7. My tip (as with most things) is download an existing custom database and base yours on that. For example it looks like there's quite a good looking database here that you could explore. That's what I'd do. https://sortitoutsi.net/content/58190/esequibia-a-new-country-in-south-america
  8. Give this a go: These are selected after the main qualification spaces, and I'm using it here to select the best 2nd place team from 3 groups. However it should work in your set up to select the next best 8 teams after the first 4? have qualified. Set the league fate as different (set as promotion or top playoff) then in the next stage select the 8 teams with that fate. If not, upload the file here and I'll have a look.
  9. You dont need to merge them, you can load them both in the same game!
  10. Can you show us a screenshot of the 'stadium change' section in the editor?
  11. I think it's a great way of learning and a great base to use for edits of your own; I certainly learnt a lot by studying the files of Carlito, Rabcp, Krlenjushka, Kingrobbo, ect. Can have a proper look tomorrow but how about this?
  12. Sent PM. If the CC merger comps were all new competitions then hard to make cross-compatible, but you could instead amend any existing competition for the CWC to pick teams from. That might be adjusting the existing North American Champions League, for example, but you could also pick any random extinct tournament to use- you just need it for it's ID. For example, create your joint CONAFAC/CONMEBOL Champions League from the extinct NA Champions League (which already has no history or in-game record). Then I can set the CWC to select the winner of the NA Champions League, but with both database
  13. Just seen you have a new UEFA Revival pack out so I'll definitely take a look at that this week. Someone has commented on it asking about compatibility with my Club World Cup file on Sortitoutsi. I'll look into that this week, that's down to me!
  14. Good question- this will require some testing. Perhaps a Custom Fixture Plan could achieve this?
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