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FM21 PC Steam. Match UI is completely broken


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Long term FM player since CM days. FM21 has the worst UI to date.

  1. The replay button is on the left, the camera controls of the righ = which makes zero sense. Can someone tell me how I can move the replay controls from left top to right somewhere?
  2. Before confirming team to enter match mode, all the other options/menus on the left disappear. No idea why, I thought the game crashed the first time it did this. Seems to be a feature of just plain crap design. Can someone tell me how I can stop all the menus disappering before entering match mode?
  3. Interviews. All the text options are at the bottom of the screen and the questions at the top. If you have anything over 24" monitor, you quickly realise how bad this GUI design is. Read top, scan right at the bottom. It's like designed the game on 12" monitors or something. Can someone please tell me how to change the views so interviews UI seems a bit more useable?
  4. To double check, reinstalled FM20, no issues with GUI. FM21 is right a mess. Why do I have camera one corner, reply another corner, shouts/tactics, etc bottom? Makes absolutely no sense at all.

Hope I can find fixes to these things other will simply need to uninstall. I am interested in getting headaches and scrolll eye fatigue.

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