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Game Crash When Trying to View Competition Rules in the Front End


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Been a slog, but I'm finally almost done with this setup, but now, while doing one of my last checks, I have a game crash. Total crash back to the OS. I don't know if I am just more senile this year, but I've had way more critical and super confusing issues this year than in years past. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like this year is more fragile

Any way, I got 2 main questions for anyone who can help:

1)  Does anyone know where game crash logs are stored? I can't find it and I was hoping there was a log that would indicate where the game is choking on my rules

2) Has anyone else had a total game crash like this when trying to look at competition rules through the GUI?


I kind of feel like maybe my rules are complete enough for the game to function just for setting up matches, controlling champions, doing promo/relegation, etc. but maybe I am missing detail which helps the GUI understand how competitions are setup I dunno. I can view my cup rules just fine but it's the divisional rules that blow a gasket. This makes me think it's something with the promotion/relegation, but I'm not sure because they work just fine when I simply go on vacation and let the game run for a few seasons. When I look at my rules in the Editor after running a test, they seem ok & they're being displayed correctly in the editor, but as many folks have pointed out this year's editor is a bit flakey


I've attached my file here in case anyone can have a look and spot something obvious

USA_Plus v1.5a.fmf


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