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  1. Been a slog, but I'm finally almost done with this setup, but now, while doing one of my last checks, I have a game crash. Total crash back to the OS. I don't know if I am just more senile this year, but I've had way more critical and super confusing issues this year than in years past. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like this year is more fragile Any way, I got 2 main questions for anyone who can help: 1) Does anyone know where game crash logs are stored? I can't find it and I was hoping there was a log that would indicate where the game is choking on my rules 2) Has anyone el
  2. Ok, so I found the issue, maybe this will help others who run into this problem I can't remember if this was the case in previous years, but in the master list of advanced rules, order apparently matters. I noticed that as I was adding rules for various competitions, the editor would automatically shuffle their order based on the associated competitions' reputation. This resulted in the different nations' competitions being mixed together in the master list. I re-organized the rules in the list by moving up/down competitions and nation rules so they were all in cohesive blocks: nation1-&
  3. Possibly, I will have to check. I can definitely confirm that I did successfully verify before running the game though
  4. Yep, fair enuf. Here it isUSA_Plus Backup.fmf
  5. No idea what I've done here, but I'm seeing this issue for the first time this year (FM 2021), never run into it before in previous years so I am a tad baffled. Has anyone else seen this? I've customized the USA and setup 4 leagues with a non-playable bottom league. Additionally, I've setup 2 leagues for Bermuda Strangely, when I start a new game, I can't actually select the leagues for the USA, but Bermuda seems to work just fine. The dropdown simply isn't functioning and it's greyed out. To create Bermuda, I simply copied the USA config and tweaked it, so I'm totally confused as t
  6. Did you ever get this resolved? I tried customizing Canada as well & ran into all kinds of problem when it came to NACL qualification. Total PITA! It feels like working with the North American region is a bit more complicated for some reason
  7. Thank you very much for that, it was definitely half of the problem & it gave me the hint for the other half. In addition to this, I also had to go into the league settings, activate the "Store League History" option, and un-tick the box. It's working as intended now. Thank you! :-)
  8. I'm having a similar issue, did you ever find out how to fix this? In my setup, I have a league "stage 0" and then playoff "stage 1". I too have used rankings, but I've also used the stage actions to add the history records for the playoffs/stage 1. Still have situations where the top finisher in the league stage is still being recognized as the competition winner, but that team has actually been eliminated early in the playoffs
  9. Any help is greatly appreciated: I've done this previously in editor versions prior to 2019, but for the life of me I can't seem to get it to work in the 2020 editor I've got a very basic setup where I have a league stage defined for my top competition in the pyramid. I've got very basic relegation rules that are working just fine. I have defined a top playoff to determine final positions, champions, 2nd, 3rd place etc. , but the problem I'm having is that the top playoff results aren't feeding down to the league stage properly except for champion status as an extra fate. What th
  10. Ok got it working....had to do an Export from 2018 and then Import in 2019 huzzah
  11. Nope, didn't seem to do it. I unchecked the option in 2018 editor and even when the popup asked me if I was sure, I selected un-compressed Is it working for you when you do this?
  12. 2019 Editor doesn't seem to be able to recognize my 2018 files. I guess the file format is different or there is a header or something? Anyone know a way to load 2018 rules into the 2019 editor? Will be a bit of a PITA if I have to re-do everything from scratch
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