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[fm21] ProfilePicture sizes


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Maybe this has already been asked, but I couldn't find anyhting regarding this. 

I want to create a custom Picture for my Manager. 

After I uploaded my custom manager picture, it is shown, as I want it to be. BUT, when I held press conference my picture will receive automatically receive an background that looks like a press-conference background, with SEGA, SI and FM Logo etc. 

If my picture is in portrait mode, my picture gets up to the top, and on the sides I can see the background. 

When I put my Picture in Landscape, the picture is tiny at the bottom.  

I am looking for 1 of 3 answers. 


1) This has been discussed here you dumbo (link) 

2) what are the sizes for the picture to use? Can I only use Portrait-mode to go up to the top? 

3) is there a way, to prevent FM from adding the press-conference Background, and only show the image I created? 


P.S. Sorry, English is not my native language. If I wrote something you don't understand, please ask, or correct me :)

I am ok with editing pictures, but not even a beginner in modding, so please excuse me, if this is a basic question. As I mentioned, I couldn't find anything using the search, but this could be due to lack of translation or anything. 


Thank you in Advance. 


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