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Player unhappiness

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I've got a striker who got injured last season and as I was new to the game I very naively promised him the same game time. Since then another young striker has returned from loan and has scored 19 goals in half a season. My original striker is now upset about not playing having scored 2 goals in 3 starts and 11 substitue appearances, but has support of a few other players what should I do?


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  • SI Staff

If he is an influential team member, you should try and appease him, as if he is unhappy, this could ruin team morale and the dressing room atmosphere. Or if you feel like he is not good enough to start regularly, try offering him out to clubs. 

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My overall tip is to be firm with players in the game, more often than not they back down. If it backfires, you can have one of the team leaders try talking to him or just wait it out - players drop issues more often than not. If he's still unhappy after about 3 months, and it's affecting other squad members, SELL. Plenty more fish in the sea.

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