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  1. They are not confirmed yet. From memory it won't be 100% confirmed for quite some time and is bound to be tweaked in the next year.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Yes I'm very familiar with that certain leagues, including the Scandinavian, have too much money a few years in to any save. It's a complex issue, I personally believe its due to a lack of wage growth in the top-5 leagues which means they have more money to spend on transfer fees and those money trickle down the leagues eventually. The removal of dividend payments in privatised clubs in recent additions probably also plays a part. Then you have VAT on domestic transfers, although not sure how, or if, the game deals with that as it stands. I bet payments to agents should (sadly) be increased too in order to better match the real world. Happy to help with the economic side of the research although not sure what I can contribute. I think you've done a great job already in splitting the TV revenue and prize money for Allsvenskan, added together in FM21 it roughly matches the real world figures. The only gap I spotted was the sponsorship revenue for Allsvenskan was originally half that compared to 2019's real figures (which I pointed out in a post above). I haven't started a new save in ages but happy to hear Malmo now got 69m!
  3. Go to in-game editor and check the box 'declared for nation' but make sure their primary nationality is shown on their profile before. Or secondary of course if you want them to play for their scond nationality team.
  4. You could also add real-life agent behaviour to the game to make it harder. Turning players against you, creating more disloyalty, bad press affecting team morale and so forth.
  5. Big ups where it's due. Dealing with a Temperamental player is certainly a handful. Non-stop foolhardiness.
  6. Any plans on correcting the sponsorship money for Allsvenskan? Even 2020's real figures post-Covid are higher than the game at default.
  7. I think the game is missing prize money for Supercopa de Espana. I googled it and 2020 figures were pretty easy to find.
  8. you should download Nik33's relationship mod - has hundreds of added real friendships.
  9. Here's some things that I believe are still not working after patch 21.3: Mentoring - tried every previously tried and tested method but it is not working as it did on FM20. Have had players mentored for 2+ years and still Balanced or Fickle. Selling players - much harder this year. Very few unexpected offers on your players, transfer listing squad players or above in status is impossible without causing a **** storm. Players on 12 months or less rarely leads to offers either. A lot of lowball offers generally too, doesn't seem to happen between AI to AI clubs. Top scorers - not sure if overall goals are down per game vs real life, but top scorers in leagues rarely get above 20. Loyalty - too high amongst players and managers. They are still at same clubs 10 years down the line, unrealistic in most cases. People move for new challenges and experiences. Sitting back - AI managers still toothless and too defensive. Conditioning - too severe on FM21. It is impossible to play players more than 3 times per 2 weeks without fatigue or injury risk going sky high. In real life some players like Salah, Sterling, Henderson and David Silva have shown it's possible to play 80%+ of games over a season. Natural Fitness attribute should have greater impact. Scheduling - still not working. Champions League matches on weekends and split fixture dates for teams in the same groups. Front loading the big games at the start of the season. Some leagues play until early June sometimes due to poor scheduling. Have also had 3-4 games a week at times. VAR - why include the feature if the result is always Disallowed? Seriously. No point. Loans - I firmly believe that player development is paused or somehow affected when a player is loaned out. Very rare they grow 1/2 a star even over a two-year loan with perfect circumstances. Also, private chats with loanees no longer have any effect on their morale. AI clubs rarely asks for loans to be extended. National Team - AI Managers leave or get sacked too quickly, usually managers get a 4-year cycle but only 2 in FM21. Player fatigue still a problem. xG maps - they no longer get sent to your inbox automatically? Saving - back to being super slow after update. Or is it just me? These are just top of mind for me, sure there are tons of things I've missed. Let me know what you think.
  10. I've noticed in my current save that the games in the Russian Premier League are not registering correctly: - Player data is shown on the profile during season but not in career stats and once season is finished it goes to 0's everywhere - Although the league is set to Playable, no historical data is saved one season to the next I've uploaded the save: Markus Rosenberg - Malmo FF (v03)
  11. Sorry, me again. I'm in May 2021 and Erik Hamren still at Iceland - he left after Nations League finished end of 2020. Same is true for Lars Lagerback managing Norway. He was replaced by Stale Solbakken.
  12. The Championship and the Premier League are not in full detail in my save @HUNT3R. But the numbers you've shared are much higher than in my save, your top scorers have about 0.5-0.6 goals per game. I'm down to 0.25-0.3. And it's not just goalscorers, it's goals in general that are low in certain leagues for me. It's weird as I don't recall seeing this in any of my previous saves on 21.
  13. I don't know it's patch related or not, but this is now my 3rd big save on 21 and never have I seen so few goals before. Championship top scorers 14 after 39 games. In the beta I remember Adam Armstrong getting 37! Premier League even worse after 29 games! Anyone else seeing this?
  14. I've noticed in my current save that several of the squads called up (Sweden, Denmark, Holland etc) - about half are greyed out players? Very odd as all those leagues are playable. I've uploaded the save for you to take a look at: Markus Rosenberg - Malmo FF2 it's called. Thanks Freddie
  15. Sorry, me again. I raised this previously that the sponsorship income for Allsvenskan is wrong, by about half in fact (see article below). https://www.resume.se/alla-nyheter/nyheter/sponsorintakterna-i-allsvenskan-okar-sa-mycket-tjanar-din-klubb/ Instead of 24m annually it should be about 44m (euro) according to 2019's accounts. Breakdown (2019): Malmö FF 70,3 MKR (69,2) +AIK 38,8 MKR (31,2) +Hammarby IF 34,5 MKR (30,7) +IFK Göteborg 33,4 MKR (36,7) -Dalkurd FF 32,8 MKR (ny)IF Elfsborg 32,3 MKR (33,8) -Djurgårdens IF 30,7 MKR (25,4) +Häcken 24,1 MKR (22,5) +Örebro SK 22,9 MKR (24,8) -Kalmar FF 21,9 MKR (20,8) -IK Sirius 18,2 MKR (13,5) +Trelleborgs FF 16,3 MKR (ny)IFK Norrköping 16,1 MKR (16,6) -Brommapojkarna 14,2 MKR (ny)Östersunds FK 13,9 MKR (17) -GIF Sundsvall 13 MKR (15,2) -
  16. Does anyone else find that there is a disappropriate amount of newgens that have Unambitious personality compared to previous versions? Think I've seen it mentioned by someone else on the forum before, not sure if it's a known issue or not. @Abysmal - I've played in a few different leagues so far with different tactics and find that ratings change between them. Try a save somewhere else and see if you get same results.
  17. I've just had two newgens named Janne and Ronny - two names that nobody gets baptised to anymore thankfully. I've seen in the Denmark data thread that their researcher has deleted certain old names, so hoping it can be done for Sweden too. Here's a list of the 10 most uncommon (old) names for boys 2017 for reference: https://nyheter24.se/nyheter/inrikes/905702-har-ar-namnen-ingen-ville-dopa-sitt-barn-till-2017 Thanks!
  18. It's been the nr one issue since the day it launched @allofyourtears, several hotfixes released to combat the problem but still not fixed. They're working on it.
  19. you need to start playing with the Smarter AI Managers mod @Scarecroww so that you get a bit more challenged. Can't be fun to blitz the league every year like that.
  20. I've noticed as well that keepers often struggle with long throws on 21 @B3nnet7. I'd even say I score an unrealistic amount from long throws atm.
  21. Thanks for the reply Nik. I'm halfway into the season now and it's gotten a bit better, maybe I was training them too hard in pre-season without improving their match sharpness. Just to confirm though, your injuries file doesn't affect match sharpness right?
  22. I get duplicate notifications for both the u21 and u19 tournaments, not sure why? Also, they don't really make sense as they are formatted right now. It's June 17th in my save, and semi-final time in the tournament, yet the notification seems to be a pre-tournament heads up. Maybe remove all together unless the copy can be updated for each stage of the tournament?
  23. I'm only in a 6-month long pre-season (Sweden 2020 due to covid), but I'd say injuries so far have doubled compared to vanilla with Nik's Extended Injuries mod. More niggling injuries for sure. Best one was the poor bloke who got pneumonia for a day! Is that how it's roughly gonna be going forwards?
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