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U19 Friendlies not allowing unifit players to play


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My assistant recommended that I use my U19 team to get my unfit 1st team players match fit so I arranged some friendlies for them to play in with the U19 squad.  Some of these players where over 19 years old, however the assistant recommended that I could do this and also on previous FM's you could also play over 19s in a friendly with the U19 squad.

When I went to put the players into the positions that I wanted them to play, they became illegible with the reason that they were already playing in a game today - even though I had taken them out of the First team. squad.  The match also after the game was played also shows the players been removed from the squad.

I have uploaded a saved game  Wazza (v02).fm to the cloud so you can investigate which is a save game before the match

Advice to make available for match.png

Vilafranquense Under 19s_ Fixtures.png




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