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Qualifying winners and runners up of a cup for continental


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So my basic structure is 

4 Regional child comps with another 4 second divison reginal comps that prom/rele between each other.

At the end of the season the top 3 teams from each top regional child comp move into a regional group of 3 teams  where they play each other in their own group the top 2 teams from each of these 4 groups move onto the cup stage

This is just the 8 teams from the playoff group stage that eventually go down to a final. My problem is that the winners and runners up of these comps arent qualifying for the Champions league. I have been told its becuase i use the parent comp to host the playoffs, this makes sense because in its current form it seems to be taking the top 2 teams from a random child comp and qualifying them.

How do i seperate it all so that the parent comp playoffs are treated as the continental quals?

The files im working with are here. You need the OFC file as well as the default one is broken. PLS HALP :(

nz v3.fmf O-League.fmf

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