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Ronaldo and other top players stay free and then retire or sign for a low salary

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As the title says, when the actual top players dont renew their contracts, they usually dont find any club that want to pay their demands, and then they retire or sign for a low wage!

I believe that the issue is caused by wages on FM are not fitting the real actual wages of top players. Example: Messi have a wage of around 70M€ by the database, but the game is coded for pay around 20M€ maximum for any player. It happens with other players as Ronaldo, that they have two options, one is finish they careers, and the other option is to sign with a irreal wage of 13-15-18M€.

I can provide you my save, but its is reproducible on any save that Ronaldo, Messi or even Neymar dont renew their contracts with Barcelona, Juve or PSG.

Other option for reproduce this: Set with the editor that Messi and Ronaldo are not going to renew their contracts, go on holidays, you can see what happens. In real life there would be a battle between City, United, PSG etc for sign them with a high wage.

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