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Training and Selection bugs!


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As I'm doing various challenges whilst waiting for the game to be updated, I've found so many bugs with squad selection and setting up Individual training:


  • When you filter out roles and sides, when using the left and right side it doesn't show the left or right boxes are ticked. The boxes are blank but still works as it should. This also affects training when filtering players to train.
  • When trying to select Additional focus in the Development tab (bottom left under role, the drop down box is slow to appear and even slower moving down the list. It takes 3 swipes to move sometimes. Most other drop down boxes aren't this bad.
  • So to try and fix this, on the top right where it says Actions, you go to the Training drop down box. Click Additional Focus, but after you click on the "Control individual training" box. You have a scroll box with all the focuses which you can select.
  • But then the box for taking over individual training is now greyed out so have to press it again! Set the intensity level and it finally works. With addition of about 5 extra clicks!
  • When making a selection and put a player in a position you didn't mean to, you click on that position like Sub 1 and normally the slot is cleared. Not with this version, you have to long hold to do it but get tool tips again.

And lets not forget that over half of the hyperlinks to players and teams don't work when pressed on, you have to hard press that brings the tool hint and you click on there name or club. The pressing of the Continue button needs 2-3 presses to work most of the time. You can't view the goal highlights at the end of the game. The game freezes sometimes in the middle of the match but carries on playing without you been able to see it or control it. I could go on.



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Hi guys,

Thanks for contacting us.

Please try and keep the threads down to just one issue per thread - this will help us monitor the issues far better and quicker. We apologise for the problems users are experiencing and would ask that these issues be individually posted on the forum along with screenshots. This again will help us pinpoint what exactly each issue is for our users. I will be locking this thread for now but again we apologise for all these issues you are currently experiencing and will be reviewing what you have written above. 



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