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Reserve / U18 team stats in squad page


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I play with York City and when I go to my U18 team's page, it dosn't show their stat's with U18, but only with 1st team. So most of the player's have zero's all across the board and only few who have featured in first team, have few appearences and other stats. Only indication I have to see (quickly), is "last 5 games", but of course that dosn't show anything else but overall performance. FM20 did show that team's stats what ever team page I was viewing and it was nice quick way to quickly scan who you are intrested in promoting to first team. 

Also, I like new team talks, but the layout so see players' reactions is in my opinion a little boring and difficult for eyes. I liked the way players where in column and again, you saw in one look how squad overall and invidualy reacted. Also, shouts during a game: I cannot find anywhere where I could see how players react to that shout? 


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