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  1. Hi @Viktor Ilivanov, appearently you fixed this problem as I don't get it anymore. However, I noticed that when playing in Finland, with HJK Helsinki, as I move players from their B team (Klubi 04) who play in 2nd tier in Finland, players do show up to first team for a day and then automaticly move back to B team. Foreign players never even move and finnish players move for one day. This occures in any time, so it can't be becouse of transfer windows or anything.
  2. For some reason, my match fitness needing players are automatically made available for my U18 team even though I don't want them to be. I have checked, that I have NOT ticked that "make players available for U18" box from staff responsibilities.
  3. Is it known, that it also is not only in custom squad page, but even annoying, at least for me, in tactics page too?
  4. I play with York City and when I go to my U18 team's page, it dosn't show their stat's with U18, but only with 1st team. So most of the player's have zero's all across the board and only few who have featured in first team, have few appearences and other stats. Only indication I have to see (quickly), is "last 5 games", but of course that dosn't show anything else but overall performance. FM20 did show that team's stats what ever team page I was viewing and it was nice quick way to quickly scan who you are intrested in promoting to first team. Also, I like new team talks, but the layout so
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