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  1. Sorry for late answer, but what ever it was, this works now just fine.
  2. I don't know if this belongs here or some place else, but I noticed this "IRN-BRU Cup" logo on my news and clicked on it out of curioisity. It slows screen flow dramaticly and also it don't drop down menus at all, in example as I tried to hover over "history" as I would've liked to see who has been "past winners." But it never drops down no matter how long I wait and also clickin forward or backward arrow on high left responds very very slowly if at all, sometimes you have to double or trible click to get somewhere.
  3. Was this issue fixed? Happended to me just now. I don't even have any added graphics or skins. Game does seem to "run" normaly, becouse the view on background goes around the stadium and in computer's Task manager it says "Football Manager 2018 (staging)." It even minimizes and pops back right up if clicked. Just does not advance from "Teams warming up, please wait." -screen.
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