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FM 20: Bug or WAI: Highlights don't show key or extended moments in the match summaries.

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FM 2020;

So, in the news reports that filter into your inbox, you can click on 'show match highlights; Key/Extended/Comprehensive'

When using this, Key seems to show goals and sitters. Extended and Comprehensive might add one or two more moments, but that's it. Even in a 30 shot hum dinger, you might still only get 1-2 additional highlights.

If I click on the results and go into the match screen, and click Extended highlights through that, suddenly, I get say, 9-10 extra highlights from that 30 shot match, nearly all of them, excellent shots and saves, or good passages of play.

So, two  questions:


1. Is this intended behaviour? Shouldn't the news inbox extended highlights be showing 10 like it does in the actual match report screen?

2. If not intended, should I bother reporting this as a bug, seeing how Fm21 is out?


I raised it because I was just experimenting with it, to look through matches. What stood out for me, was the Key/Ext package didn't show a VAR disallowed goal from the opposition in one of my matches. I ended up catching it because it got asked in the post-match interview. Basically, a disallowed goal absolutely should be making the news highlight package, because it is still a key critical moment of a match, which is why I'm not convinced this is intended behaviour.


Cheers to anyone able to answer for me. :)

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