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Substitution of injured player not working


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Issue with the substitutions:

Date in Game - February 2021 (League Cup Final)

- Used my 2nd and 3rd substitution in the 60th minute - one of the players I brought on was Bukayo Saka

- Saka got injured in 75th minute and had to be taken off. Adjusted my formation slightly to cover for this and was playing with 10 men.

- At start of extra time - I tried replacing the injured Saka with Jeremie Boga off my bench for my 4th substitution - nothing happens (substitute does not come on, and no message saying substitution not allowed)

- As a test, tried taking off my center back Holding for Papetti who was on bench - this worked - so the 4th substitution does work, just not for an injured player

Essentially - unable to substitute an injured player if taken off 15 minutes before, but can substitute a player still on the field. 

Save game uploaded:

Karan K - Arsenal dec 2020.fm



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