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  1. Hi Not sure if this is a bug but wanted to check anyway. A few months ago in my game, my balance was over a billion euros and my board invested 268 millions into some investment fund - shows up in finance (expenditures). I'm currently sitting at 45 million loss for the season, and have a high wage bill so this may go up to 60-70 million. Just wondering - will this affect my financial fair play calculations? I should be fine for the next couple of game years, as have consistently made decent profits, but am concerned that this loss may affect me in a few years. If if does af
  2. Sorry Canuck - a bit late, but yes. Neither could play. Eventually, without playing any games, he got a work permit after 3 months or so. Arezo too. No idea how that happened!
  3. Just to follow up - Esposito did end up arriving at my club, no work permit. Now have both him and Arezo with no work permit and no clubs willing to loan them.
  4. And another issue i've just noticed - you'll have your full team of outfield players selected, then click "Pick unselected positions (without restriction)" - and it clears the whole team and you have to pick all over again. It also seems like when you click to pick the whole team, nothing happens.
  5. Issue with the substitutions: Date in Game - February 2021 (League Cup Final) - Used my 2nd and 3rd substitution in the 60th minute - one of the players I brought on was Bukayo Saka - Saka got injured in 75th minute and had to be taken off. Adjusted my formation slightly to cover for this and was playing with 10 men. - At start of extra time - I tried replacing the injured Saka with Jeremie Boga off my bench for my 4th substitution - nothing happens (substitute does not come on, and no message saying substitution not allowed) - As a test, tried taking off my center bac
  6. This issue seems to be intermittent and happens irregularly (may happen every 3-4 games, but sometimes 2 games in a row). 1) Difficult to describe but basically the filtering function when looking at your squad and team selection doesn't work. I normally select my team for games via filtering (e.g. filtering goalkeepers, selecting goalie and sub; then filtering defenders, selecting the defenders and subs, and so on). However, what happens here is when i deselect a category from the filter, the selections also disappear - so for example, I will use the filter to only display goal
  7. HI SI Games, I've seen other posts about UK work permits, and realise that they may be reflecting what happens after Brexit - however, some of what is happening still doesn't make sense. Playing an Arsenal save, during pre-season bought Matias Arezo (young Uruguayan player). Due to age, transfer was arranged for January 2021, when he would turn 18. Wages are quite high - 37000 GBP/week - so would have thought this would help with getting a work permit. He did not get work permit. While this is not surprising, there are still, I believe, some bugs: 1) I cannot loan him to my
  8. I'm in season 2033 with Arsenal, and my squad is almost all regens. I'd like to be able to see a list of all the transfers I've made since 2018-2019 (so I can pull out the best players for another game). Is this possible? How can it be done? Thank you!
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