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Requesting new stadium/expansions


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I'm aware I'm continuing a very old topic, but...

I think it would be sensible to have two solutions here:

1) We as managers should have a say in at least the maximum expansion capacity if not the built capacity. We are the ones who brought the club the fame and money, but boards doing such irrational and frankly anti-business decisions definitely do not add to the game.

2) Let the board make decisions that are less ill-advised. I can imagine the board of a recently promoted club don't want to build a hugely expensive stadium right away, because the success may not last (I would be quite sceptical IRL), but on the other hand planning a new stadium (which is a tremendous investment) without any possibilities of reasonable expansions should the success continue, that seems to me just as irresponsible. How many new stadiums are built without a large area around them allowing for expansion? (Just a quick glimpse on wikipedia's "list of future stadiums" shows the stadiums being built with large free spaces around them.) 

I completely understand there is a limit that we can't ask for a new stadium every 5 seasons; however, planning for the future stadium should very much consider both possibilities: suffering relegation as well as enjoying continued success.

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