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Cancelling transfer at last minute

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23 hours ago, Louie Silvani said:

Hi Welsh

Sorry for the delay in response. 

I see what you mean - do you think a way around that would be if the player was upset at the manager saying 'no' on the confirmation date?

Absolutely, they should be furious (to the point of refusing to play in future?).

- Also, players are always happy if after turning down offers you offer them a new contract, All past unhappiness is curiously forgotten. As much as I love the fact that I can keep all my stars, it doesn't feel quite right. :)

I'm testing one more cheat/bug at the moment - when offering to clubs,  If you set the sale price first, you can't set the Buy Back Fee to be lower, but if you set the Buy Back Fee to be 0 first, then you can increase the sale fee to whatever you want. ££££

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