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Not enough injury’s

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I would like to discuss injury’s please or rather, a lack of them!

I have been reading on numerous threads that Sports Interactive set an injury count of that of 80% to real life instead of 100% as too many people moan about injury’s.

May I stress the disappointment this is having on the games core fans, fans who have been playing this game, paying for this game and supporting this game for 20 plus years ...all the way back to its CM days.

SI may I respectfully ask why you have chosen to take your star game (or one of) and turn it into an arcade style frenzy for people who can’t be bothered to deal with injury’s and just want to WIN WIN WIN all the time - it’s a bit like taking a snooker game and removing the need for chalk, or taking a tennis game and introducing a third serve, it all just equates to unrealism, yet the games selling point is realism??? I find myself in every single save reaching a point where I simply do not need to buy any further players as I know my starting 11 will stay pretty much injury free for the entire season - yes fatigue is at play and I absolutely love that aspect SI but fatigue is not injury and I cant tell you how much I miss those FM injury experiences (long term and short) where I was excited to be forced to act at my peril - really it made the world of difference and contributed to what it was that made this game great.

I am a huge supporter of your game SI and you as a company so please don’t view this critical thread as negative criticism - I just feel I have a duty to speak on behalf of the games old school fans WHO DO CARE if something’s not quite right. I can assure you, we, like you, want this game as perfect as possible and around for as long as possible, I’m 41, started playing FM (your old CM) when I was 19, and hope to still be playing this magnificent game in my rocking chair when I’m 65 and yes I do think about that I kid you not :)

I’ll end off here as I don’t want to bombard - make this thread too long, but have you considered putting an injury level tab in your pre game options page SI, or make it available to buy along side sugar daddy etc - you could have 3 levels • the current 80% level • a real world level of 100% • and the option or injury’s off, this would solve the problem and satisfy everyone.

Thank you for spending the time to read my question and suggestions SI - does anyone else in this community feel the same, or feel that there is a considerable lack of injury’s in general?

This question is in regards to the iOS version only, please ignore my quirky attached picture of the guy on the laptop.




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