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  1. Thanks Marc. Marc I have one more quick question if I may please, I finished 6th with Southampton in my 3rd season, with Euro qualification spots (highlighted in blue) available for top 7, and in the very next season I wasn’t in any European competition of any sort, is this correct? Someone off forum mentioned to me that if the FA cup winner finish’s in the top 5 then 6th place doesn’t earn a European place, is this so? Thank you Marc, sorry maybe I should have created a new thread for this question, my bad ✋🏼
  2. The Crystal Palace chairman must have been receiving a b*** job when he agreed to this 🤷🏼‍♂️ the year is only 2022. I am Southampton by the way so have absolutely nothing to do with this transfer.
  3. I only play as premier league teams btw, can’t comment on the championship and lower.
  4. tbh I have also questioned this, for myself it comes up all the time regardless of my team, status or reputation, to the point that I don’t even acknowledge it anymore and just ignore it - doesn’t ruin my experience of the game as it’s only one message, but ya, can see why it was brought up.
  5. Hi all, I wanted to ask everyone, does anyone prefer the in-match time clock to show minutes only, or the current minutes and seconds? I ask this as for myself personally I just loved seeing minutes only, I find that showing the seconds is completely unnecessary and if anything, in a very very subtle way reveals too much - I prefer anticipating how long each minute may last instead of counting down 60 super quick seconds. This may sound like a crazy question but having played CM/FM since 1998, little things like this to a purest matters. Just to end off, no way does
  6. Just saw Utd’s new signing flash up on my news feed, went to find him in the game and noticed his nationality was different and also his history - says Westham in the game and Atalanta in real life!
  7. Hi Louie, That save is long gone I’m afraid as I always save saves over saves and only have one save running at a time, ekk sorry about that - appreciate the suggestion.
  8. Well I thought it was a pretty good achievement anyway ☺️ If cheating or using super tactics then it’s an awful achievement ...depends on how you want to play the game I guess!
  9. Had a pretty awful league finish of 10th, prematurely out of both league cup and FA cup due to unfortunate draws to big teams ...then had the most luckiest draws to relatively easy teams all the way to the EUFA cup final against Sevilla which I managed to win 2 - 0 🙂 very happy!!
  10. From a fans point of view I 100% agree with that decision, again it’s not about chasing the tail of FM - it’s about maintaining the lovely tail that FMM currently possesses.
  11. I have found a glitch folks. So I agreed to allow one of my reserve team players to go on loan, I stipulated 6 months only and after finalising everything I viewed my players loan spell status and it’s saying he will be on loan for a year. It’s not a major deal “even though I have OCD and am a massive perfectionist” 😫🙂 but it is there.
  12. I have noticed that at the very start of both FMM20 and FMM21 Sterling is always majorly unhappy with his contract ...always!
  13. Ok so I said earlier in the thread that I’d not encountered this problem, but today I had it (just with two players) for about two or three games with Everton. I’m assuming it’s because of the African League of Nations or whatever it’s called - so I’m not overly concerned due to this being the case in real life and tbh as far as I’m aware, it’s very accurate.
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