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  1. Ok sounds good. Incidentally my saves started off pretty well too, like 4 or 5 wins ...and then it slips drastically. This was my formation I used for my last save - box to box midfields, attacking midfielder.
  2. Hi Mac, Ok yes please, would be interesting to see how it fairs for you. Ahh sacked is fine ☺️🙂 I was only at the club to snoop around this time, not that I told the board that lol. Let us know how you get on, if you’d like me to do another save with Chelsea Marc with a different clean slate formation then id be more than happy too purely for testing purposes!
  3. So ya, this was the worst of my now 4 attempts with Chelsea, after deep thought on this and of course as you mentioned Marc you’ve not touched the old regular formations - what I’m thinking is maybe the introduction of the new formations which have now made their debut on FM mobile for the very first time, could somehow be in conflict with the clean slate regular formations which then throws out results in favour of the new formation causing a bias. I don’t know, but somethings a little up, because if I go and choose one of the new formations like Tiki Taca or Genopress I start winning.
  4. Hi Marc, So have just finished the season, well I say finished I was sacked with around 10 games left of the season, I played the formation and tactics as agreed, again couldn’t score my way out of problems and leaked way too many with no real reason. Any player on a 5 rating or lower I would sub immediately and any player lower than 70% stamina I would also sub. Chelsea are now not highlighted in yellow as after being sacked it’s not me in charge.
  5. My goalkeeper will be Kepa, sorry didn’t mean to have Mendy in that screenshot - though happy to try Mendy in a different attempt after this one.
  6. Sod’s law 🤭☺️ bought both players and Thiago gets injured for 3 weeks so I can’t identically play the exact 11, will have to play kovacic instead, not a major issue. So will report back later with whatever the results may be.
  7. Hi Marc, Yes, so the three upfront I have altered roles for, the midfield three also, defensive four though I always leave as it seems fairly balanced and never make the goalkeeper sweeper keeper. Kane indeed may not have settled, maybe coming from a major rival team and the AI’s picked it up and concluded he may struggle?? What I’m going to do is start a new save, buy Kane and Thiago again and do what you said about dropping one of the front three into an attacking midfield position - everything else (tactics wise) will be the same as in my earlier screen shots. So this wi
  8. Please find my first 11 and the formation I’m struggling with attached, bare in mind though the issue is with all clean slate formations so technically you could start a save of your own with Chelsea and use (only clean slate) and see what happens, or should I say notice the ineffectiveness.
  9. Hi Marc, not having much success in sending you over my save, I can’t see how I attach my save to an email so I tried to send it the conventional way through the app support - but it failed.
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