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Add league drop down is disabled

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Since I don't know if it's a bug or a feature I decided to write here first. I'm playing with several low tier databases added to the game and these leagues loaded.

I want to make a couple of nations other than england playable as well but the add leagues button is disabled

I currently have around 300000 players in the game which is way above the recommended player limit could this be the reason why? And if so is there a way to circumvent this limitation?

While the screen shows only half a star of performance I don't think it's too slow really compared to my normal saves and I doubt adding 3-4 playable leagues is gonna slow it too much.

Thanks for any advice in advance

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When you created a new save, only England was available as Nation to choose?

Might be a problem with the custom DB.

- Half Star Performance: I hope you have AMD Ryzen 3990X to run that DB (lol)

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When I created the save I picked only England as playable but had many other nations to choose from like always, it's just that I only made England manageable as I wanted to sim a few years into the future for the lower leagues to be a bit more balanced.

I also added 7 more nations as view only and was planning to change Greece into a playable nation after the simming was over but now it doesn't allow me to add new leagues, only remove existing ones.

As for the custom dBs I'm using I've tested them before and had no problems adding or removing leagues on the fly.

And no I have an i5 4690k but I've never really put stock into the star rating of performance as there are many factors outside the game that seem to affect what performance it thinks the pc will have (granted it did take me 3 days to reach 2024 while simming but I did also use the pc as I normally would...)

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