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  1. Yeap seems to have fixed it. Thanks a lot mate!!!
  2. So I've had this problem with the manager home screen since last year's fm where the panels would not always stay the way I had assigned them, like there was a default state for each that they'd revert ti after a couple continues. Now though when applying the latest wtcs skin all the panels except for one are set to finances and one is set to training performance which they revert to, no matter what i choose for each panel, after I change to a different screen. I searched the forum and didn't see any posts about someone having a similar problem and after having tried several things, deleting the cache and trying on a completely different machine among others, without any success. Any suggestions to fix that?
  3. I removed all the files inside the match folder of the "TCS '19 v1.0.1 - WTS Edition"copied the files of the match folder from the "Rensie FM19 Purple Skin" and then I created a folder called "client_object" where I placed the "client object viewer selector match" file I found in the flutskin "client_object" folder. There is probably a better fix but it's really late where I live right now and I can't be bothered since it works,at least for now.
  4. No it doesn't exist in the other skin. The only file in the client_object folder that the rensie skin had was "client object browser.xml" . Well at least it looks like it is working for now so thanks for the help If i find any conflicts, will post it here probably
  5. thus far the only file i've found to be referenced that is not in the match folder is 'file="client_object/client object viewer selector match"' which I also cant find in the client_object folder of the rensie skin edit: found the same file in the flutskin... copied it and it seems to be working. Kinda strange though :P
  6. I copied all the contents inside the match folder from panels. The problem isn't that the panels dont appear, the only problem is that there is no drop down menu for each position to chose which panel i want to see where. And the funny thing is that in the home panel where I did the same thing the drop down is there. I'm guessing there is some kind of option that was enabled in rensie's skin to have the drop down appear for each panel but i don't know how that would look
  7. I have two skins I really like, one is rensie's and the other is tcs's work the space edition. I really like the overall look of tcs's skin but found that the home panels and the panels from between the highlights are very much lacking compared to rensie's so i thought about inmporting them to tcs's. I copied the files for the corresponding panels and although the ones for the home page show up exactly as they do in rensie's but with the tcs feel, the in between highlights ones show up but without the dropdown menu so that I can pick and choose which panel will show up where. I can't make heads or tales what part of the xml i've ported over i should edit to fix this... Is there anyone who could point me to the right direction? edit: tcs not tcm
  8. @D_LO_ thanks for the advice, did pretty much expect that to be honest but never hurts to check whether you can save yourself some trouble :P Do you think it would be easier to just copy the panel used in nocturno so that i can simply select from one of the drop-down options? Another thought I had after you mentioned the goalies was whether I could make it so that the hidden atts are shown in the same way as the other attributes but in a separate panel so that there are no conflicts?
  9. so this is the code used in nocturno and from what i can understand it uses some custom graphics to present the hidden attributes. is there something I can do so that these stats just appear underneath the physical attributes and do you know if just copying the xml and the graphics in the same folders of the flut would be enough to make it appear in it's panels? first time i'm actually trying to fiddle with skins, thanks for any kind of advice
  10. @wkdsoul I got that, I have purchased the editor. Probably when I checked nocturno last i had not installed the editor cause now I can see them. Still is there a way to implement it in the profile as a seperated list like technical mental physical? Do you know if I can just copy paste the code from an xml from nocturno to get it to work for flut? Thanks for the tip by the way
  11. yeah and used fmrte before that but i'd like to be able to have easy access to them and not resorting to outside means, more of a quality of life improvement
  12. Is there some way to create a panel for the hidden attributes of players/staff in the overview profile screen? And if anyone knows how to do this especially with the flut skin? I've seen a panel like this in the nocturno skin but it doesn't seem to work
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