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Tookajobs Gaming Wimbledon Full English Save!

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  Hey all here is a little intro

                               In this save. Jake is going to try and take Wimbledon from the league one to the premier league signing only English players along the way!

                                      Hey, all! This is my first write up so bare with me! i have chosen Wimbledon for my first write up due to there ties with football manager and the prospect of getting them back to the VInnie Jones days and beyond!




i will be giving updates from the beginning of the season, the middle and the end!

Here is my first entry from the beginning of the game to the end of pre season 

This was the start of the game and getting set up 




these are the tactics i am going with they are my tweaked versions of knaps tactics

Tactic 1 will be for away and tough games and tactic 2 will be for home games as it gets more goals but not as stable 


here are the transfers i made before the start of the season


And now to find out how we did in pre season!
So we did well in pre season with some good victorys and im happy about getting the 2 goals against the far superior Watford!
I look forward to sharing with you all how i get on. when we meet again in January!
Thanks for reading




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                                                                                                                                                                          Hey all! here we are again with entry number 2!       

                                                                                                                                   We have done the first half of the season and are now in January! Wondering how we are doing?

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Lets have a look!


       Well would you look at that! top of the league by 6 points with 5 losses and 3 draws. the media predicted 21st how wrong are they at the moment. i personally though we would be fighting for a play off spot. so im well chuffed 




                                                                                                                             here are the results!. its not all been plain sailing but we did go undefeted for 13 games!




                                                               here is my tactics page so you can see player ratings. i have also realised that this tactic is best for all games as the the other you need better players




                                                                                             I have put together a shortlist of players i will hopefully have the chance of signing in the future. Full English ofc!




                                                                                                                  Well that is it for this update ill and i hope to see you all at the end of the season update

                                                                                                                  If you are following our story please leave me a like or a comment so i know your there!

                                                                                                                                                               Thanks, Jake from Tookajobs Gaming!

                                                                                                                      At Tookajobs Gaming we do tactic reviews, guides, stories and much much more!






Screenshot (67).png

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Yo Yo Yo! here is Entry number 3 

Sorry its been a while not had much time between going back to work and spending time with the kids when i get home  


So where were we?.......... Ah yes the end of the 1st season in league one! But how did we do?


We only went and won the league!


I am over the moon that we won the league 1st time round with a squad that were predicted to go down.


I changed tactics a few times along the way and i am now playing with this at home




And this at away



Here are some of the results from the end of the season!


We missed out on the Leasing trophy in the final which i was gutted about but hey ho onto the championship

We have had a few rumours floating about and i hope something materialises lol



Thats it for this update ill get back to you just after the transfer window closes with another


P.s sorry for the pics with my other screen in didn't realise it would do that

If you are following drop me a message to let me know your watching 

Cheers Tookajobs Gaming 




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