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  1. The mayhem maker tactic and currently one of the only tactics ive tested that reached 231 team goals in all competitions
  2. The ZAZ Blue is currently the number one tactic on one of the many FM testing sites
  3. This is the comet V2 tactic by Pulsar that shown impressive results with top and small teams
  4. A 451 tactic by Victor Hugo created mainly for Rangers who performed amazing but also did the job with other teams
  5. Tookajobs tactic testing for football manager showing all instructions for the tactic just in case you cant download. TookaJobs YouTube Channel for more : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOKzfjflPPtfuoVtBAAlbg
  6. If you ever come across the tests i do i dont freeze the players or anything, no editor either. test the tactic and if a player gets injured then its tough luck unfortunately, i believe it gives a little more realism to the test doing it that way.
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