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  1. If you ever come across the tests i do i dont freeze the players or anything, no editor either. test the tactic and if a player gets injured then its tough luck unfortunately, i believe it gives a little more realism to the test doing it that way.
  2. Yo Yo Yo! here is Entry number 3 Sorry its been a while not had much time between going back to work and spending time with the kids when i get home So where were we?.......... Ah yes the end of the 1st season in league one! But how did we do? We only went and won the league! I am over the moon that we won the league 1st time round with a squad that were predicted to go down. I changed tactics a few times along the way and i am now playing with this at home FM20.4.1TEAFORONEKnap41311VOL2P102ALLCUPS.fmf And this at aw
  3. A treble in spain using the stylekiller tactic .....awesome https://youtu.be/V9qA3ZPqGMk
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