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Why is my manager reputation not increasing?

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I started as Billericay town and have achieved promotion 3 consecutive seasons and finished just outside the play offs (7th) on goal difference in league one in 4th season and my reputation is still obscure. Any reason it hasn’t gone up?

Just wondering if there’s a full list of the achievements and what is needed to achieved them anywhere? I’ve achieved some but not sure what I did to achieve and just curious. Cheers everyone

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  • SI Staff

So you'll get less reputation while being in lower leagues and it's currently very individual results dependent, we're investigating how well these are working at the moment. i'll take a look at your situation and see if it's happening sensibly & if there's an issue we can change it for the next version. There's not a set list of criteria that need to be achieved as it's worked out on the fly for different teams.

Thanks for the heads up!

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I get that the increase in reputation is lower in the lower leagues but for it not to have moved at all in 4 very successful seasons just seems ridiculous to me and very unrealistic. 

Is there a full list of the achievements anywhere and what you need to do to achieve them?

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