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[FM20] Germany - 9 levels. Bundesliga - Kreisklasse x40 (fun mode).

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Germany X40

This is a fantasy file with crazy leagues structure:
-there are 40 clubs in each league that play one round
-1-3 league has 10 relegations and 10 relegation playoffs and also 10 promotions and 10 promotion playoffs (2-3 league).
-4-9 league has groups (x40). Each group has 5 relegations and 5 relegation playoffs and also 5 promotions and 5 promotion playoffs.



1667 clubs, 9 league levels:

Bundesliga - 40 clubs
2. Bundesliga - 40 clubs
3. Liga - 40 clubs
Regionalliga - 2x40
Oberliga - 4x40
Landesliga - 8x40
Verbandsliga - 8x40
Kreisliga - 8x40
Kreisklasse - 8x40

-Diffrent format of DFB Pokal - 1667 teams, 11 rounds, random pairs, 2 games each round
-Reorganized U19 and reserves. Now every german club have U19 and reserve team which play in league based on major leagues
-Removed second teams
-Added non-existent clubs from database (over 100)
-Added transfer window for loans which lasts all year
-Removed debts (43 clubs)



I kindly ask you to subscribe my workshop in thanks to my work :)

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