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FM Spreadsheet - Conditional formatting via formula not working

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Hello! I've created with Libreoffice Calc a spreadsheet that takes data from a Football Manager team into one sheet. Then, it compares the players stats to the league minimum and maximum stats (per team average), present in other sheets in the document. The objective is for each attribute to be highlighed from red (near the bottom of the league avereage), to green (near the top of the league average).

There's a final sheet to configure what each of those values is compared against, depending on the player's picked position (example: compare the strikers speed with the defenders speed, etc).

Anyway, I took hours preparing the formulas. They all give the correct and expected results (I tested them thoroughly, step by step).

Finally, I inserted the formulae on the conditional formatting dialog. But the cell colouring is not behaving as intended! I can't figure out what's going on.

Can somebody help me?

Thanks in advance

FM data processor final.ods

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