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Suggestion: Improved MLS Trade Screen


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So, as a North American FM player and someone who's interested in other North American Sports, the other SI title (Eastside Hockey Manager) which was recently on sale piqued my interested, and I was giving it a go during the so called FM Lull that exists just before the new game is released. And, with the Beta coming out today, I wanted to give my local team (Toronto FC) a try. However, having come back from playing EHM, which has a semi-developed trade screen, with various functions including, as seen in this sample screenshot below



Firstly, the trade screen, when one wants to propose a trade to another team, is much more intuitive than the FM screen.


In the EHM screen, one is able to see the Salary Caps of teams very clearly above their "trade box" (so to speak), as well as the potential impacts of a trade. Furthermore, you are able "gauge interest" when proposing a trade, something that you can only do once in the FM20 Beta. Not sure if this is a bug, as it should be able to be suggested more than once due to it being a similar to the transfer negotiation stage with another club. Regardless, in EHM, you're able to see the response/feedback from an opposing GM, which helps in negotiationg the perfect trade. Additionally, when adding players to a trade, you can see the estimated value (in stars) next to their profile (as seen in the EHM screenshot), whereas in FM it's very unclear as to the value of each player to each team (according to your assistant "manager" (GM in this case) and their thoughts) without going into an in-depth look at their player profile. Furthermore, you are unable to see which players are considered to be untouchable, high value, medium value, etc. from this screen.

Essentially, I'm just suggesting that this trade screen be revamped, potentially looking at some of the code/graphics from EHM and making them more FM-like, as it'll certainly help people out in figuring out how to do trades who are less familiar with the North American System.



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