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You Cannes Do It (FM 18)


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This is being run on a custom database I got off the steam network. 

English league set up

Premier League down to League 6.

Leagues 5 and 6 each have 4 been split into 4 leagues.  I decided to start at the bottom, so I chose Cannes in Division 6C


Aim is to get to get Cannes through the leagues and I want to rely on young players but don't have the patience for a youth only save.  So to compromise I won't buy anyone over 23. 

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I actually got it wrong in the first post the league system goes down to a level 12 which is what we are in.

Premier League to League 4 (1-6)
Div 1 - Div 6 (7-12)



Predicted 3rd, there's no play offs in this structure just a straight 4 up 4 down. Looking at the teams in our league I reckon we should be able to go up this year.


It seems the Europa League and Champions League have been incorporated into the league structure with the lower clubs in the Europa.  We enter at first qualifying round, it seems this stage is one leg and played at a neutral stadium.



The side for the new season.  A few players have been bought in so far

Juan Havlena a Czech CM on loan from Virtus Entella slots straight into the first XI.  Out of the permanent signings special mentions to Antoine Gambor a young playmaker and Noah Sambake at centre half both had previously on the books at Marseille

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August 2017


After a struggle to find the net in the opening fixtures I switched to a 4-5-1 with 2 CM's rather than at DM.  We seemed a bit more aggressive and finally managed to hit the net. It did come at a cost though as we conceded too often.  4 draws is a bit disappointing start but we're undefeated and there's a lot of games left to be played.

Our win in the Europa League pits us against Wigan who are two divisions above us which isn't ideal, another neutral venue as its at Brighton's stadium.  



Bagged another striker to help on the goal front, he just fits in on the upper end of my age limit.  Should be decent for this level considering most my opposition are conference level.


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September 2017


Big month in the league 4 wins out of 4 and Jara having a dream debut with a brace and then following it up with 4 more.

And with that managed to bag my first award


The win sees us lurking outside the top 4 with a game in hand that could see us move 2nd.


Our Europa League adventure ended after coming across Will Grigg who was certainly on fire


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October 2017


We struggled to maintain our previous form from last month with just 8 points from 6 games.  Could get tougher in our pursuit for goals as well especially as we don't have much in the way of back up for Jara  before and now I've lost my right winger/back up striker for pretty much the whole season.


Despite our indifferent form this month we remain 5th in the table lurking outside the promotion spots.  There's already a gap opening up from the top 2 to the rest. 


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November 2017


A welcome return to form with 5 wins out of 6. Only Alcala stopping us from a clean sweep.  We are now in the promotion spots for the first time this season.  We have managed to close the gap between us and the top 2, definitely feel this side is good enough to get promoted but winning the league will be a stretch.


2nd manager of the month award



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