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[FM19] To Dare is To Do


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A little background:  I've been playing FM Mobile for 5 years - the last time I had a personal computer (not a work computer) and had the full FM was '14.  But I decided to gift myself with a new laptop and, in turn, FM19.  I've been testing a few things for a week and am finally ready to start my full career.  I've done many (many) career threads in other forums (OperationSports mostly) but this is my first one here.  

IRL I'm an enormous Spurs supporter from Upstate New York.  I'm really doing this for my own purposes and if anyone enjoys it along the way, awesome.  Cheers.

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A little background on our new manager.  I put myself as 41 (true) and from Albany, NY (close enough).  I listed my favorite team as Spurs and gave myself both playing and coaching experience.  I set myself as a Motivator - which makes sense as I'm in the people business. 

League setup:

The big five are all Playable:

England: through Sky Bet Lg 2

France: through Ligue 2

Germany: through Bundesliga 2

Italy: through Serie B

Spain: through second division

I also have Portugal, Belgium, Argentina, Brazil, China, and the USA with limited detail.  


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As I set up the first meeting with Mr. Levy, my coaches and Head Of Youth Development, and various other staff members, I quickly let them know that we will be adopting the all-popular Gegenpress tactical style out of the 4-2-3-1.  I believe this to best fit the Spurs' team makeup and any players we bring in - or bring out - will be based on that philosophy.  It if works for Liverpool....

They inform me that we have five lower-tier players out on loan (Oglivie, Carter-Vickers, Edwards, Shashoua, and Onomah) and that Victor Wanyama and Harry Winks reported to camp injured.  No worries for now as our depth at midfield is strong.

Our final conversation is regarding the transfer window (in this alternate reality Spurs, ya know, use the window).  36m won't get us much, but we'll be able to nail down a reliable backup striker for Kane - our only true priority.  While many folks tend to move a ton of the Spurs excess baggage out in their saves (from what I've read) I will likely keep the core group together until at least January and see how things go.  I did, however, transfer list Janssen, Vorm, and Nkoudou.  And once that striker comes in, Llorente will be shipped as well.  If I can get 30m for those 4, I'll be happy.

My first official act as Head Coach is to take the captaincy away from Hugo Lloris and give it to one of our own.  Harry Kane will wear the band for Tottenham for the foreseeable future.  

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My second day with the club was another sit-down with Levy.  He laid out the expectations clearly

Champions League qualification 

Reach the Final of the FA

Reach the quarters of the Champions League

Don't concentrate on the Carabao Cup.  

  All doable.

On my departure from the meeting, I'm informed that many clubs are jumping at the chance to sign Michel Vorm.  I mean, why wouldn't they?  He's 34 and can't jump out of a boat.  Anyway, Lots of Eastern European clubs on the list - and I give them all the green light to discuss next steps.

On the incoming transfer front, I set up my scouts to find me a Kane-backup.  Additionally, I send a scout to OL to look at Midfielder Lucas Tousart, who I like from my testing in my first save, thanks to his 17 work rate, 16 aggression, 17 bravery, and great fitness.  

As we prepare for our first friendly against Basel, I learn that we've lost Marus Edwards - currently on loan at SBV Excelsior - for 5 months with a broken foot.  Big blow to a kid who has a bright future in our club.  I learn that Divock Origi is available for loan from Liverpool and put in a bid.  He'd be a perfect fit without spending a ton of money.

CSKA Moscow make a final push for Vorm and he's off to Russia for 3.5m.  

And then I get the news that Fernando Llorente will miss three months with a hip injury, essentially killing any chance of me selling him for value.  Not the start to the window I envisioned.

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A quiet week ends with Origi accepting my loan and joining Spurs until June, 2019.  He's a perfet change of pace - literally from Kane.  Strong work rate, aggression, and speed to burn.  I'm really loving this signing.  He'll wear the #9 in Lilywhite.  

I get a few offers for Sissoko on loan, but with injuries to Wanyama and Winks keeping our MF depth low, I turn them down.

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