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Position Attributes Only?

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So I have been doing a lot of reading on this forum in regards to 'how the game works'. I am well aware of hidden attributes, CA/PA and star ratings.

However what I would like to know (I am sure there is no wrong or right answer) so this is open to opinion and no doubt some debate.

When looking at a players preferred role/position. How accurate are the 'highlighted' attributes in terms of the player performing in that chosen role.

So I know that if a player is only orange at playing DLP in CM but green at DLP in DM, he will still perform the same job in CM despite being orange.

But I would like to talk about the attributes that the game highlights as being 'important' for each specific role.

So using the DLP as an example, passing and technique are highlighted as being 'important'

Do we know if some highlighted attributes perhaps don't have an impact? or are there some attributes not highlighted that should be and/or people prefer having for a certain position?

I recently bought a striker for a Wolves save (William Jose) who I was pessimistic at signing due to him being 26 (I prefer buying for the long term so try and stick to under 23) but scout reports listed him as 4 stars and his attributes were what I had searched for.

So do people disregard scout reports and solely base their decision on the attributes they want and deem appropriate for the position that they are trying to fill?

Lastly any attributes or contributing factors you take into account when signing players? (I have read recently in game it will highlight the HOYD needing WWY/JPA/JPP as neccessary, but also other factors make a HOYD more affective) not a discussion I want on this, just an example to show where I am trying to come from.

I have seen many strikers for example bang in the goals who may only have a 10/11 attribute for shooting... how do people find players that will do a great job even if their attributes may not reflect how effective he could be?

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