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Editor Help please (FMF included)


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Hello guys.

I have created a team on the editor and I used this 10 tier FMEditor database: http://www.mediafire.com/file/yb6okhs94afi5hf/TheFMEditors+Transfer+update+13-12-2018+Plus+England+level+10.fmf

I added my team "Trumpington Town"  to the Thurlow Eastern Counties league but I cannot get the database to verify upon testing. I had a friend take a look and he noticed that some Brazilian kits were corrupt and he managed to get the database to verify, however when I load up the game to use it, it says "21 teams in the league" but in the editor, there is only 20 :/

I'm at a complete loss as what to do. Can some editor genius please have a look and try and fix it please? :) 

Trumpington Town 2.fmf

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