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A couple of suggestion

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Can SI please include sorting the name of players on player motivation and player rating box based on who is currently on the field? It is annoying that we have to scroll down to see the rating and motivation of subbed in players, especially if their name is at the botton of the list.

While i mostly use the TV view, on the classic view i notice that i dont see the player motivation list. Wonder if that has been accidentally overlooked.

Is it also possible to add another function that allows players to switch side while keeping their individual instrustions? For example, i would like my 2 CM (Gerrard & Masch) to stick with their respective setting but during the couse of the game, they change side with each other. So in other words, some times gerrard will move to the right side of the central midfield and masch move to the left side of central midfield or visa versa while keeping their respective individual instrustion.

Apart than these, 3D is taking FM to a whole new level. Good job SI.

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