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  1. Who is this dude?

    Must be his fake identification card to "relive" as a youth player.
  2. I did suggest (so do some others) to have training for a specific attribute which now comes in the form of individual training focus.
  3. The penalties that's said to be in game is very weak like it doesn't exist. Used to play an aging del piero, a ST/AMC at MC/DMC and out perform my suposedly best MC/DMC. Read the forum while back about how people play Crouch at CD and be a beast. On my current save, I'm playing my MR(natural) at ML(red) and performs like he's a natural there, in fact tore apart everyone he faces. Whenever I put him at where he's supposedly to be a natural, he is only average. Either harsher penalties to be implemented or remove exact position that a player can/can't play.
  4. Is it possible to have bonuses or penalties for players that are played on the positions that they are trained at / not trained? For example, players played at MC with natural on MC gets +4 to all mental attributes, accomplished at MC gets +2 to all mental attribues, competent +0, and minuses (-) mental attributes for those lower than competent. Applies to all players and all positions. This is so that world class ST (not trained at MC) which has very good all round mental attribues to not be as good/equally good as a slightly less talented natural MC who have played at MC all his career at the same level as the striker. Applies visa versa or to other positions. After all what you need to anticipate, decide, see, position, move and etc are different when playing as a ST and a MC.
  5. It's low flair. That means he can't beat his man even if his technical attribues are high unless he has very high speed. High dribbling stats only means his dribble close control. Flair is his skill to do the unexpected to beat his man.
  6. Well, in my eyes at times Barca do play like 1-6-3 when trying to break teams that park the moon infront of their goal.
  7. ME Realism

    Maybe the extreme out of this world tactic will actually be really good in real life too and be next dominant tactic in real life football. :-) who am I kidding?
  8. What I'm tring to get across is that players that have a tendency to play direct like in England, if they were to be told to play short passing possession game like in Spain, they have no trouble doing so. What to anticipate is different and what is a good decision is different in a direct style and a passing possesion style. Right now, their game intelligence in game is the same, while in real life it's different.
  9. Yes, managers in FM have to have a play style that they will play. However, without the player play style familiarity the AI managers will have trouble assembling their squad. Right now, AI managers only look at CA, PA, reputation because there is nothing that identifies player play style. That's why in the long run, AI teams no longer have identity. It's just mix and mash, plug and play. For human managers, there is less challenge. Given good enough stats, all players can almost play the same way. Gerrard can play similar to Xavi. Xavi can play like Gerrard. In real life, they are very different and both will not come close if they try to mimic each other. Player play style helps to create player's individuality even more. It might be tricky to implement, but I believe it's the way to the future for FM.
  10. I've been thinking that in the FM world, players have too much of an easy time blending into new team/manager systems/styles. We have often hear how England in real life can't play possesion game and such. Why do they not be able to play like that? They don't have the mental attributes? Poor passing stats? Can't handle the pressure? The truth is that they have very good players and there is no doubt about that. Many of you might say because of Hodgson's hodgeball style/tactics? But England at times did try to retain the ball but just couldn't do it. The players just don't look comfortable or confident in doing so. If you were to manage England in FM, you can easily make them play anyway you like. Right now, good players who had played ABC style of football all his life will be rated to have good mental attributes that will apply to any kind play. However, in real life he will be suspectible in XYZ style of play. Maybe it's time for FM to take a step up. The players should be given player play style (PPS) familiarity list and what play style is his natural, accomplished etc. PPS is different than PPM. PPS should HEAVILY influence how that player performs in game. You guys can chip in with the style of plays. =) Example, A player with low "Ball retention" play style familiarity will struggle in retaining the ball, grow nervous in such play style. You can say he is not comfortable. While players with high such play style will show much more confidence. In other words, now you need to train the players and train the tactic to make your team play a certain style. After all, they say you need the right kind of players for the right kind of play style, not just any (good) players. Looking at their physical, mental and technical stats are no longer good enough.
  11. I would really enjoy the long competition of the Hungarian League Cup IF the chairman and the fans in FM care about the competition a little more. As of now, it feels more like an unavoidable 6 match (at least) which saps more energy from my team.
  12. 3 own goals by 1 player

    For my own players, the worst is my GK. He made a terrible mistake that leads to a goal. Soon after he also scored an own goal by pushing the ball into the goal after a scramble. All that was done in the first 15mins. I sub him out right away, can't bear to imagine what he would do for the rest of the game. Manage to get back into the game. Final score, 2-2. A draw after telling my players that they were unlucky at half time.
  13. SI have almost no competition. Why? Let's be frank, the game you are playing is still a business, money making. The effort and trouble to make a complex game such as FM? Very high. The income compared to an easy to make game like FPS? FPS makes more money easier than a game like FM. Why would any business (if their interest is not for the love of the game) make such game? A game that takes more effort, hassle to make and yet gets them less money? We should salute the Football Manager developers for sticking to it rather than switch attention to other kind of games that is so much easier to make, yet gets them more money than FM.
  14. Not taken seriously because of the big teams fans? I'm sure the lesser team fans and players will still think a throphy is a throphy. Champion of a competition.
  15. Recently I'm playing in the Hungarian League. I became aware that they also have the so called "league cup", just like in England. I'm schocked to find out that my chairman did not rate this competition at all. Reason is that my team, Eger was a 2nd division team which just got promoted and I'm pretty sure in real life small teams like these value any available competition, even the so called mickey mouse cup. I remember in previous year of FM, when I was playing a lower league team in England, the chairman do not value the "mickey mouse cup" at all. I'm sure in real life teams that do not have the slightest chance to get in CL or EL through league standing, they still fancy winning ANY competition, be it "mickey mouse cup" as it gives qualification to EL. I understand that if the team is like ManC, ManU, Chelsea maybe Arsenal or Spurs, they will ignore the "mickey mouse cup" since it doenst give much revenue. But if they can win it without jepordising their league and CL, I'm sure they will still gladly take it. Now teams such as Wigan, Swansea, QPR were to be told they will win the so called "mickey mouse cup", I'm sure any one assosiated with said FC will be delighted and proud as a silverware is still a silverware. However, that's not the case in FM, the chairman still say they don't rate it. Am I wrong? I think this should be tweaked in FM.