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[1.0.2] 'Highest/Lowest ever ____' news item bug is back

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Just got to the end of the current season and been presented with three news items, all of which are incorrect.

1) 'Highest Stars save percentage' - told me my starting goalie had a .955 save percentage (I wish!) when he only had a .933 in the regular season and a .934 in the playoffs.

2) 'Lowest ever number of regular season wins' - told me I'd only won seven games, which is 67 below the 74 wins we actually had.

3) 'Least league points ever' - same as #2 - said we'd only earned 14 points when the actual total was 149.

You can probably use the same save I uploaded yesterday ('Stars_crash_1' and just holiday through to June 29th, which is when those news items appeared.

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