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  • Barcelona/LaLiga squad numbers problem

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    How It is in real life:

    Nico, Gavi, Pena and Alejandro Balde are registerd for Barcelona B and they sometimes play for Barcelona A. (LaLiga rules: Register 25 players, they can only wear number 1 - 25.)

    Nico has number 28, Gavi 30, Pena 26 and Balde 31.

    How It is in FM22:

    When I register for example Nico, Gavi, Pena & Alejandro Balde for Barcelona B just like real life. I can only give them a squad number 1 - 25. They aren't regestered for Barcelona A. So they should not be allowed to get a number from 1 to 25.

    I tested It to be sure in FM21. And when I do the same things (Register those fourplayers for Barca B. I can only give them numbers from 25 - 99. Thats how It supposed to work) 


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    On 21/01/2022 at 08:15, Kyle Brown said:

    If this is still an issue on the latest version, do please let us know, but we haven't seen it appear since. :) 

    I am having the same issue but in the Spanish 3rd division. I couldn't find the game version through steam, but I think I am on the latest version.


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