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  • There are 2 league stages in Tier 3 and Tier 4, but only Tier 4 shows both in the domestic leagues history.

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    The title doesn't do a very good job as an explanation. Sorry. 

    Porto B have spent the last couple of years in the 3rd Division, (Tier 3), and you can see from their 2022/23 and 2023/24 history that there is only 1 set of league results shown in the domestic leagues record, (the First Stage).  The Promotion Stage results are not shown on this page. 


    Sporting B have spent the same period playing in the Championship (Tier 4), but you will notice that both the First Stage Group table and the Promotion Stage are both shown. I've never played in Portugal before (and I appreciate that this is a new structure too), but surely 1 of them is wrong. If Tier 4 shows both stages then Tier 3 should also also show both stages. 


    Apologies that this is a little confusing and possibly not very well explained. It is complicated. 


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