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    from season 2022/23 onwards the number of teams in the 4th Division is 56 and these should be put in 4 groups of 14 clubs each that should play 26 matches

    the first placed team from each group will then gain promotion to the 3rd League


     instead the game wrongly puts the 56 teams divided in 7 groups of 8 clubs each which doesn't make any sense as they only play 14 matches...


    also the 3rd League will have only 20 clubs from the 2022/23 season onwards most likely in 1 single group






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    Hi We've contacted the Portuguese Federation when we looked for the rules, for the upcoming seasons, and what is currently set in the game, is what going to be voted. There is no official format yet for the upcoming seasons, only the number of teams, and the proposal.


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    I understand that... but still makes much more sense having the 56 teams divided in 4 groups of 14 teams each playing 26 matches and then the 4 1st placed teams of each group get promoted to the LIGA 3 or the 2 best teams from each group go to the promotion playoff... than having as it is now the 56 teams divided in 7 groups of 8 clubs each... playing 14 matches only and even the promotion process as it is is a complete mess, as having 7 groups you have only 14 clubs elegible for the promotion playoff and the rules in the game specify 16 clubs in that playoff (2 groups of 8 clubs)

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